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Why You Should Apply

to Texas Tech this Spring

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Each fall and spring, a new cohort of Red Raiders are welcomed to Lubbock. Home to Texas Tech University (TTU), our city has a diverse population of undergraduate, non-traditional, international and post-graduate students, as well as university professors and University Medical Center healthcare professionals. Not only does the “Hub City” boast the recently named number one school in the state of Texas for online higher education as well as international students, future physicians from all over the world come here to train at what is known to be the number one medical school for quality education and affordability in the country, the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. No matter your field of interest, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why TTU should be on the top of your list of schools to apply to. 

For a Texas Tech alum, the decision to become a Red Raider may seem like a no brainer. But, to the recent high school graduate, or the lifelong learner seeking more education, making the choice of where to spend the next four years can be overwhelming. Because of this, we are here to make it easy for you. 

Did you know that TTU is the choice school to over 36,000 students, making for an unreal college experience? Or that there are just under 100 degrees, certifications and programs to choose from, each providing pathways to a successful future, as Tech is ranked as a Top 10 school for workforce preparation?

Speaking of, TTU is located in Lubbock, Texas, an ever-growing city with a population over 250,000. This West Texas college town has the resources it takes to foster success in all available sectors. From retail and manufacturing to technology, agriculture and healthcare, Lubbock offers life-changing opportunities you may not find anywhere else. Whether it be start-up assistance for the entrepreneurial spirits, additional training in the technology industry or a competitive internship position, every pipe dream or dream job is an attainable reality because of the resources offered to young professionals and students in the city. 

While Tech boasts a running list of accolades, so does the place it calls home. Recognized as a Top 10 city for recent college graduates, TTU grads are competitive candidates when making the transition into a professional career. This is a direct result of the high quality education both in and out of the classroom earned after obtaining a degree from a reputable institution like Tech. 

With the number of jobs available, low cost of living and ease of access to purchasing a home as a young professional, Lubbock is the ideal location to begin a career. After four years exploring the best parts of the 806, stay awhile longer to experience why so many families love to call the “Hub City” home. 

We would be remiss not to mention the campus life at Tech. Between the athletics and traditions, being a student at TTU is unlike any other. Don’t believe us? When the time is right, plan your visit on a game-day weekend and you will quickly be immersed in the lively culture of the matador. Until then, take a virtual tour to take in the beauty of the Spanish architecture, beautiful greenery and the second largest public art collection on a college campus in the country.

“It is the quality of life, and the attitude of I can and we will. We will do the things necessary to move Lubbock forward”

Latrelle Joy
Lubbock Councilwoman