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Lubbock Ranks No. 1 in Texas

for Millennial Homeownership

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The American dream is undoubtedly attainable in Lubbock, Texas to the youngest generation of professionals. Ranked No.1 in the state and No. 14 in the nation by, just over 15% of millennials in the “Hub City” are homeowners. With a national average of 11% in cities with populations over 150,000 residents, Lubbock’s above-average numbers are just one of the many qualifiers for making our city an ideal destination for the under-35 workforce. 

While millennials are at the tail end of young professionals joining the workforce, educational costs are continuing to follow the older millennials who are more stable in their careers. The high costs of owning a home may seem unattainable when coupled with student loans and other living expenses. However, in Lubbock, the below-average cost of living and diversity of available positions in a plethora of industries makes owning a home more feasible than other places in the state and across the country. 

Not only is the “Hub City” an affordable option when on the house hunt, it is also a top city for recent graduates, has unparalleled work-life balance as well as ranked in the top 20 cities where millennials are moving to. Lubbock’s thriving industry grants the millennial generation what they need to propel them into a successful career and fulfilling life. 

Just five hours from Dallas by car, one hour via Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, Lubbock is known as the hub of West Texas, Lubbock is centrally located, ensuring access to anywhere in the country, or the world. Not only are residents able to travel with ease outside of the city, Lubbock’s unique infrastructure design also allows for a commute time of fewer than 15 minutes from anywhere in the city. When it comes to the quality of life residents experience here, the new bike lanes and additional parks throughout the city are just a few examples of how homeowners are able to enjoy more than the low cost of housing and the high number of positions available to young professionals.

Lubbock’s community-based mentality may be what draws in our newest residents, but it is our affordability, proximity and variety of opportunities available that keeps them here. With ever-growing industry sectors such as technology and education, there is a position available to anyone interested in heading out west. 

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