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Quality of Life is unmatched in Lubbock, Texas

The trending 5-9 after the 9-5, referring to an individual’s evening after clocking out at the office, has never looked better than in Lubbock, Texas. From running, wine and book clubs to art classes, neighborhood breweries and time with your dog, the quality of life found in the Hub City is what leads national rankings like Lubbock’s place in the Top Cities for Young Professionals.

When looking to make your next move, whether that be a career transition or change of scenery, there are a number of factors that play into this important decision. Today, as the younger generations in the workforce prioritize a healthy work/life balance more than ever before, decisions like where to live, work or travel revolve around an individual’s interests and hobbies and how easily cultivated they are in a city. Not only are the extra-curricular activities important in one’s life, but so to are the logistics of familial responsibilities, quality schools, and commute times to name a few. What good is a robust and thriving social life if your commute eats away at the precious hours outside of the office? In Lubbock, that is no problem with an average 15-minute commute from anywhere in the city.   

Not only does the shortened drive to and from work allow for more time with loved ones, watching your child’s sporting event or simply perusing the shopping outlets at West End, it also boasts a competitive nightlife. With a world-class arts community offering local classes in pottery at the LHUCA Clay Studio and a happening Depot District spotlighting local musicians nightly, along with an up-and-coming craft beer scene and six award-winning wineries across the city, there is something for everyone here.

In West Texas, time seems to pass slower, offering a slow-paced way of life that some call the “simple life.” Consider exchanging the hustle and bustle of the big city and upgrade your downtown apartment to a spacious home in the Texas High Plains for a fraction of the price. Lubbock offers an unmatched quality of life that attracts people from across the country and around the world. 

We asked locals what they enjoy most about life in Lubbock, and although answers varied ranging from low cost of living, the major role that art plays in our community and the opportunities available to young professionals and entrepreneurs, the most common reply was the precious resource of time. Each second maximized is given back in more ways than one while going about everyday life in West Texas. A generous 5 to 9 p.m. awaits you in the Hub City!

The Lubbock Metro area offers all of the amenities, excitement and resources of a big city while simultaneously fostering the small-town feel families enjoy. It’s easy to create a community here and take advantage of the time spent living your life outside of work. From small-business sponsored clubs like the Good Line Beer Co. running club and book club to award-winning wineries offering a thriving wine club to yoga studios with a bustling following, you will be sure to find your place, or places, in Lubbock.

A generous 5 to 9 p.m. awaits you in the Hub City