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Living in the Capital of West Texas means living with more. More time spent with your family and friends instead of in traffic, more room to spread out and enjoy the fresh air, and more money in your pocket to build the life you’ve worked hard to achieve.

According to the Council for Community and Economic Research (2022 Annual Report), Lubbock’s overall cost of living index is 81 percent. Lubbock ranked 81st out of 294 urban areas in the nation and 16th out of 32 urban areas in the state of Texas for lowest cost of living. As a result of this low cost of living, both employers and their employees benefit from a higher standard of living at a lower cost than almost anywhere else in the nation.

Cost of Living Index

MSACost of Living National RankCost of Housing National RankCost of Transportation National RankMedian Home PriceCommute Time in Minutes
Lubbock TX8112622$178,35018
Austin TX18821461$502,80927
Dallas TX19317116$306,28130
Houston TX10411398$253,27731
Los Angeles-Long Beach CA259259258$908,89836
New York (Manhattan) NY265265239$855,55146
Phoenix AZ200222199$368,48029
San Antonio TX105101117$203,42327
San Francisco CA263263264$1,845,48437
Washington DC261260209$796,51835
C2ER COLI 2022 Annual – National Rank out of 266 total MSAs, Environics Analytics, 2.28.23 – Median Home Price and Commute Time

Median Household Income by Location

Lubbock, TX (city)Lubbock County, TXLubbock, TX MetroTexasUSA
2023 Est. Median Household Income57,55259,52059,23070,94673,336
Environics Analytics, 2.28.23 | Benchmark: USA