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Josh Jung’s Home Base

Lubbock, Texas

Josh Jung’s Home Base | Lubbock, Texas

Josh Jung, Texas Rangers’ starting third baseman and Texas Tech University alumni, calls Lubbock home during the off-season. Here, he finds comfort in the city where he discovered his love for the game and forged his identity as a player.

About Josh Jung

At just 26 years old Josh has already made a notable mark in baseball history. Reflecting on this, he admits, “It’s crazy… but it’s also like you set the standard pretty high. So then I think every off-season, how do I get better? How do I elevate my game as much as I can? To have a lot of success early, it’s kinda like ‘ahh, well, that’s the standard, you gotta keep going.'”

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Josh’s journey to professional baseball found its roots at Texas Tech University. His standout performances on the field earned him prestigious titles such as All-American and Big 12 Co-Player of the Year. From 2017 to 2019, Josh played a crucial role in securing two Big 12 Championships for Texas Tech. His contributions led the team to two memorable trips to Omaha for the College World Series in 2018 and 2019. During this time in Lubbock, Josh’s trajectory to the majors took shape, each moment molding him into the player he is today.

Reflecting on his collegiate experience, Josh shares, “For one, it taught me a lot about my game individually because [I] came in and had to figure stuff out [on my own]. My whole life, I had my dad there with me and when I came to Texas Tech, it was that first sense of freedom – I guess you could say – to figure out who I was as a player. The coaching staff and everybody helped me grow in the game and that’s kinda where it led me into pro ball.”

As a result of his success at Texas Tech, Josh was a first-round pick by the Texas Rangers and from 2019 to 2022, Josh played in the minor leagues.  

Then on September 9, 2022, the Texas Rangers selected Josh’s contract and promoted him to the major leagues where he hit a home run on his first MLB at-bat, making him only the second Rangers player to achieve this. 

Josh is now the starting third baseman for the Texas Rangers. He has earned two Rookie of the Month honors, was voted in as the American League starting third baseman for the 2023 Major League Baseball All-Star Game (making him the first rookie to achieve this) and is a World Series Champion.  

Why “Lubbock is home” to Josh Jung

For Josh Jung, Lubbock isn’t just a temporary stop during the off-season, it’s a place he wholeheartedly considers home.

“Lubbock is home to me,” Josh said. “My brother was in school the last couple of years so it was just fun for us to be together and now that we are going through a real off-season together, that’s even more fun. Lubbock’s home.” 

Josh says he is drawn to Lubbock by its vibrant culinary and entertainment scenes. He enthusiastically praises local favorites like Las Brisas and The Funky Door, while quickly adding his frequents to his list of go-to’s being Chimy’s and Vitality Bowls. Josh also reminisces about Main Event, which served as one of his favorite places during his time at Texas Tech. 

Both on and off the field, Josh attributes his solid foundation – which has propelled him to world champion status – to the experiences he had in L

“Lubbock is home to me.”

Josh Jung, Texas Rangers’ starting third baseman & TTU Alumni