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Texas Tech Ranks Top 10

in Workforce Preparation of Graduates

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Recently, Texas Tech University (TTU), was nationally recognized as the 9th overall best institution in preparing students for post-graduation life. According to the October 2019 Corporate Recruiter Graduation Ranking Poll, a survey of over 334 nationwide corporate recruiters conducted by Whitman Insight Strategies, Tech grads are included in the most well-prepared of young professionals entering the workforce. 

Along with the university’s high ranking, individual departments were honored with praise for the quality of education and preparation provided throughout a student’s education. The programs include business management, communications and media, engineering, computing and information technology, science and mathematics and post-graduate studies.  

Located in Lubbock, Texas, which was recently named by Apartment List in the top 10 cities for recent graduates, the city remains a catalytic force in the professional development among the new generation of workers. With strong technology, agriculture, engineering and healthcare industries, a thriving job market and an environment that fosters success, the “Hub City” is a competitive environment for 2020 graduates.

Texas Tech University also offers a variety of programs where students obtain real-world experience in fields such as research and business through organizations like The Innovation Hub at Research Park. Often, students will use the technology developed at the Hub, whether that be an idea, significant research or evolved prototypes, and create a successful foundation for their professional career. From a watch band start-up company to fertility research in agriculture and data used by NASA, those involved with the Hub are well-prepared for life upon graduation.

In the past year, TTU has also partnered with South Plains College in the education provided at the Lubbock Coding Academy. Over the past few years, Lubbock has been well-positioned to meet the needs of the ever growing technology industry. The high demand for technical jobs allows for continued entry-level and experienced positions being readily available. With the growing IT needs in any sector of work, coders have the potential to work in a variety of industries. 

As a tier-1 institution, the quality of education at TTU is world class. Graduates will find themselves to be competitive applicants who have acquired the West Texas work ethic throughout the duration of their time in the “Hub City.” Coupled with the competency of Lubbock’s workforce, the low unemployment rate, below-average cost of living and quality of life offered here, young professionals will find Lubbock to be a competitive place to enter the workforce. 

With a diverse selection of entry-level jobs throughout the varying industries found in our great city, finding a position that is the perfect fit will come with ease. As the hub of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico, the industry continues to thrive, paving the way for the next generation of ready and skilled workers. 

“I’m one of those people who came to Texas Tech and didn’t leave, and I didn’t want to leave. Because Lubbock is that city where you can raise your family.”

Latrelle Joy
Lubbock Councilwoman