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Lubbock Among the Top 10 Best Cities

for College Graduates

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As graduation approaches, college seniors often find themselves in the midst of important decisions – including where to begin their career. Apartment List recently analyzed 100 of the biggest cities in the U.S. and found Lubbock among the Top 10 best cities for college graduates! Job availability, affordability, social life and recreation opportunities were just four areas where Lubbock exceeds. 

Lubbock’s low unemployment rate among the high population of young adults who have recently earned a degree sets up the city as a competitive option for recent college graduates, not to mention the growing economy and housing affordability. As the number of job openings continues to grow, so does the number of opportunities for both entry-level and experienced professionals. Lubbock’s below-average cost of living also fosters an attainable lifestyle for recent graduates. 

If that isn’t enough to sell you on Lubbock, agrees. In their 2019 rankings of best mid-size cities for college graduates, the “Hub City” ranked number 14 of 141 cities. When looking at cities with a population between 150,000 and 750,000, Online Degrees scored each city on a 10-point scale in nine different areas. Along with the economic growth and affordability of Lubbock, median earnings for those with a bachelor’s degree was also a weighted factor. 

Thanks to Texas Tech University and other avenues of higher education found in West Texas, Lubbock is home to over 40,000 young researchers and innovators. Agriculture and ag research, one of Lubbock’s main industries, provide many opportunities for recent graduates to get into the field for hands-on experience. Lubbock’s many other industries are also booming. Being the hub of innovation, education, wholesale and retail services and healthcare keeps Lubbock in the conversation as the prime location in West Texas for employment. 

Other findings in Online Degrees’ analysis include median rent costs of $773.18, median earnings for bachelor’s degree holders at $50,800.28, and an average commute time of 16.3 minutes. Lubbock prides itself on the creative infrastructure design that allows drivers to get to work in the lowest amount of time among the 114 cities researched. 

Many students searching for their dream job may just find it in their college institution’s city. This is certainly the case here! When on the job hunt, don’t miss out on the incredible opportunities found in Lubbock. The “Hub City” may just be the perfect place to propel young professionals into a very successful career. For more information on job openings and our workforce, visit

“We are centered primarily around workforce to ensure we have a future trained workforce available for our businesses.”

John Osborne
Lubbock Economic Development Alliance