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Lubbock Among Top Cities in Texas to Move to

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Lubbock’s most recent headline debut celebrated the “Hub City” ranking in the Top 12 Cities in Texas Where People are Moving. To obtain these findings, Business Insider took a close look at the U.S. Census Bureau and found Lubbock among the top cities. Coming in at number 10, the city of Lubbock had a net migration of 13,495 between 2010 and 2018, which was 5% of the metro population in 2010 (290,805). Texas’ population has been steadily and rapidly increasing over the past decade and Lubbock has gotten in on the action. 

People from across the nation and around the world move to Lubbock for a variety of reasons. From healthcare to technology and everything in between, Lubbock’s industries offer a range of opportunities that are hard to beat. As the “big city” that serves a 250-mile radius, Lubbock has the resources to sustain an evolving workforce. 

Potential residents are able to confront an expansive list of options when choosing what sector of work is best suitable for them in Lubbock. Recently, Lubbock was named Best City to Start a Business. The community continues to prove small business as a priority through the expansion of local coffee shops and the opening of boutiques. Because of the resources at Texas Tech University such as the Innovation Hub at Research Park, the opportunities that the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) offer like the grant programs and other resources that aid in the success of future business owners, Lubbock remains an attractive option for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. 

As the home of the largest healthcare provider in the region, University Medical Center also serves as a level-1 trauma center. Working in the healthcare sector is an available option for many. Other reasons for relocation to Lubbock include higher education. Lubbock is home to Texas Tech University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock Christian University and South Plains College, to name a few. By investing in students as they earn their degree, the city has welcomed long-time residents upon graduation day. 

Lubbock’s technology industry is also on the rise. With an attractive market and central location nationwide, big companies like Hoverstate are moving their offices to the “Hub City” bringing with them available jobs and a pool of talented workers to add to the labor force. 

A strong industry is not the only asset welcoming new residents and workers to the city. Lubbock’s quality of life is unmatched. Big city resources paired with a small-town feel is the perfect dichotomy. With an average 15-minute commute to anywhere in the city, awarded as a best city to raise a family, a top-rated community for work-life balance and a top destination for where millennials are moving to, Lubbock, Texas serves as a conduit for innovation and success. When looking at where to relocate or jumpstart your career in the Lone Star State, consider the “Hub City.” That is something we can raise a glass of West Texas wine to. 

“Lubbock is quietly becoming a mecca of development across the country.”

Brian Cook