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Millennials are on the move, and we like where they are headed! Ranked number 17 of 173 cities across the nation, Lubbock, Texas poses as a prime location for young adults to find a growing economy, great job, affordable housing and a thriving social scene to top it off. If you are between the ages of 20-34, listen up! The “Hub City” has exactly what you are looking for. 

In the 2017 U.S. net migration census, SmartAsset discovered Lubbock to have welcomed 10,157 new millennial residents to the “Hub City” and projected continuous growth for 2019. Analyzing the rate of immigration as well as emigration in each city and ranking each city by the highest difference resulted in Lubbock making its debut on the Top 20 list! 

Millennials are finding their way to the 806 for more than just the thriving wine scene. Lubbock was recently ranked in the Top 10 Best Cities for Recent College Graduates. Economic growth potential, an ever-growing job market, below-average cost of living and an exceptional work-life balance are just a few reasons why SmartAsset found young adults are drawn to Lubbock as they make the next step in their lives. 

Lubbock has also been taking major strides in revitalizing downtown. There is a new meaning to live, work, play in the 806. As historic buildings are being renovated into office and apartment buildings, new residents will be located in the heart of the city – close to the social scene.

The downtown revamp isn’t the only growth that is happening, either. As more people are finding out about Texas’ hidden gem, Lubbock continues to create and add to the residential areas and business centers alike. Being the economic, education, healthcare, agriculture and retail hub should be more reason to put Lubbock on the forefront of your mind when considering a change in scenery. 

Many young adults are looking to make the next best move for their personal lives as well as their professional careers. There is a unique charm that encapsulates West Texas that we are eager for you to come and experience! If you are searching for the next place to call home, consider Lubbock, Texas! 

“There are a lot of attractive factors in Lubbock. And, I think they are going to bring other companies to Lubbock. Other technology companies. Lubbock has so much to offer.”

Brian Cook