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Zillennials Brand Themselves

in Lubbock, Texas

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As the rising generation of young professionals, gen Z, begins to enter into the workforce and millennials continue to make up the majority of professionals – recently surpassing gen X – cities are embracing the “zillennial” way of life which includes affordable living, accessibility, a lively social scene and thriving downtown, which creates the ideal work-life blend. As the 11th Best City for Young Professionals and one of the Top 15 Cities for gen Z to Live Well on a Budget, Lubbock is the place for both opportunity and connections to build the life you want. 

After reviewing a myriad of factors including average cost of living, the percentage of 18 – 40 year-olds in the overall city population, and the percentage of participation in the workforce, Lubbock, Texas was deemed an attractive place to call home. Not only does this West Texas city boast life-changing job opportunities both in and out of the office, but it also invites a culture of community that is at the forefront of every conversation, whether it be at the First Friday Art Trail, Singer/Songwriter Night at the Blue Light Live!, or in the line at the grocery store. 

Lubbock has a way of giving a person a place to make a difference and serve a greater purpose. Whether someone is an aspiring artist, an entrepreneur with an eye for problem solving, or an account executive, the community is invested in the growth of its citizens, actively participating in the success of the company/individual. It’s been said that Lubbock, Texas is a great place to fail – meaning, here the risks are low and the reward is high. Maybe it goes back to the wild west, but this area is no stranger to the resilient grit of a visionary. 

As the home of Texas Tech University and the hub of West Texas the resources needed to succeed here are endless. Community partnerships, such as the Texas Tech Innovation Hub, are designed to better the lives of these visionaries by providing them with the tools needed to invest in their future. 

The American dream is alive and well on top of the caprock. Lubbock’s affordable cost of living continues to remain under the national average, making renting or purchasing a home attainable. Lubbock’s wide open spaces offer ways to grow in more ways than one. 

Just as Lubbock works hard, we also know how to play hard. With an emerging culture on display in art galleries, museums and center stage, the “Hub City” is a thriving metro in West Texas with untapped potential and talent across all mediums. 

As the birthplace of rock ‘n roll legend Buddy Holly, as well as other monumental artists, Lubbock’s holds the title as the city with the most music venues per capita in the Lone Star State. Music lovers can find live music playing nightly anywhere in the city. 

First Friday Art Trail

On the first Friday of every month, thousands of art lovers take to the Cultural District in downtown Lubbock to experience and marvel at the works of regional and world-renowned artists. In the heart of the district, The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences lifts the curtain on Broadway performances and local acts. Not only is this Lubbock’s newest attraction, it also serves as the cornerstone of Lubbock’s downtown revitalization efforts breathing new life into a historical district.

Zillennials will be pleased to find eclectic dining served in dishes inspired by the Texas High Plains, comfort food as crispy, homemade chicken tenders paying homage to one family’s community impact, and craft beer creatively concocted in the nation’s top rated brewpub. 

The “Hub City” eagerly welcomes the new generation of young professionals! Create your brand and make your mark in Lubbock, Texas today! For more information follow @lubbockeda on social media. 

“There are a lot of attractive factors in Lubbock. And, I think they are going to bring other companies to Lubbock. Other technology companies. Lubbock has so much to offer.”

Brian Cook