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Zap and Soul Collective

Crafting a unique Jewelry Experience in Lubbock

Zap + Soul Collective

As the first permanent jewelry vendor in Lubbock, Zap + Soul Collective not only offers an array of traditional jewelry, including earrings and necklaces but also provides professional ear-piercing services and permanent jewelry, all under one roof.

The brainchild of the dynamic husband and wife team, Patrick and Pamela Valdez, Zap + Soul Collective started as a pop-up business in January 2022. Inspired by trends on TikTok, Pamela recognized an untapped niche in Lubbock. With a passion for creating something truly unique, they launched the pop-up as a side hustle, intending to supplement their income. However, the overwhelming response from the community pushed them to open a permanent storefront in August of the same year.

Despite establishing a physical presence, Zap + Soul Collective still regularly hosts pop-up events, several of which are lined up for December. This approach allows them to connect with various business owners and people throughout the Lubbock community. 

Patrick, a Lubbock native who attended school in New Deal, and Pamela, hailing from the small town of Farwell, Texas, share a profound love for Lubbock and its people.

“The relationships you develop are priceless,” Patrick said. “Being a business owner comes with a different type of stress but it helps to have people to talk to about what you are going through. Everybody in Lubbock is so nice and supportive, which goes a long way, especially with a small business. ” 

According to Patrick, Zap + Soul Collective brings something entirely novel to Lubbock’s jewelry landscape. Their commitment to being different from any other establishment in town has garnered positive feedback from customers and played a pivotal role in the success of their storefront. 

Offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Patrick emphasizes the importance of identifying a product or service that fulfills a genuine need. He says being pioneers in their field played a pivotal role in establishing Zap + Soul Collective’s reputation.

Looking ahead, Patrick envisions Zap + Soul Collective with a team of dedicated employees and, possibly, additional locations. For more information about Zap + Soul Collective, visit their website at

6 responses to “Zap + Soul Collective: Crafting a Unique Jewelry Experience in Lubbock, Texas”

  1. Alecks Avatar

    Lemme tell ya. These people have zapped some old jewelry back to place, they have great customer service, they truly go above and beyond when handling their customers. They are also super relax and shared a great conversation with them. Would recommend Zap and Soul to anyone looking for permanent jewelry or even just a good ole fashion good smellin candle. You need a piercing…they got it, you need a sticker…they got it…you need a necklace….they got it, you simply need a friend…they got it covered. On behalf ADT we thank you.

  2. Michal Villalovos Avatar
    Michal Villalovos

    The sweetest experience. Me and one of my best friends bought a bracelet with some initials that mean something special to us and we were helped and welcomed with kindness. The owners are so sweet and I’m grateful to have a local spot like theirs here in Lubbock! ♥️

  3. Nicolle Wever Avatar
    Nicolle Wever

    Love Zap and Soul!! I have some earrings that I wear everyday and they never turn green!!

  4. Hannah R. Avatar
    Hannah R.

    I have always loved Zap+Soul and the owners and team are so helpful each time! The jewelry is so beautiful. No one beats Zap!

  5. Savanna Montgomery Avatar
    Savanna Montgomery

    So excited to finally have a permanent jewelry spot in Lubbock!! Glad there’s some place safe to get piercings too!

  6. Kayla Hill Avatar
    Kayla Hill

    Adding that beautiful Zap & Soul to Lubbock!!!

Everybody in Lubbock is so nice and supportive, which goes a long way, especially with a small business.

Patrick Valdez