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Veritas Medical

Veritas Medical: A Journey from Local Clinic to Global Wellness Platform

Veritas Medical, founded by Dr. Ben Edwards and Jamie Edwards in 2012, started as a small functional medicine clinic and has now evolved into a worldwide online wellness and education platform. The mission of Veritas is to redefine healthcare by empowering individuals to understand the root cause of diseases so they can take control of their health. 

The Founders and Their Vision

Dr. Ben, a native of Belton, Texas, and his wife, Jamie, whose roots extend to Turkey, Texas, and Del Norte, Colorado, are the driving forces behind Veritas Medical. Dr. Ben’s childhood dream of becoming a small-town country doctor, inspired by the legacy of his grandfathers, led him to UT-Houston Medical School, where he graduated in 2002. Following a residency in Family Practice, he devoted seven years as the sole physician at the Garza County Health Clinic in Post, Texas.

In 2011, a pivotal moment led Dr. Ben to realize that U.S. medical schools primarily taught a narrow approach to disease—focused on symptom management through pharmaceuticals—rather than addressing root causes for long-term resolution. Motivated by this revelation, Dr. Ben and Jamie envisioned a different path for healthcare. Their goal was to provide an alternative to conventional medicine, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to healthcare that prioritizes understanding and treating the root causes of diseases rather than merely managing symptoms. 

Choosing to establish Veritas Medical was a thoughtful decision. Dr. Ben sought a location that embodied a relaxed pace of life, embraced kindness and reflected the laid-back atmosphere of West Texas. Lubbock, with its distinctive character, rich culture and historical significance, stood out as the ideal home for Veritas, offering a refreshing departure from the generic, cookie-cutter atmosphere found elsewhere, he said. 

“Downtown Lubbock has such a uniqueness to it,” Dr. Ben said. “The people, the buildings, the brick roads…we just couldn’t think of a better place for Veritas to be! Our office, in particular, at 1316 Texas Ave. had a very unique combination of water, trees, sunlight and just a nature vibe to it that really fit with our approach to medicine.” 

Thus, in 2012, Veritas Medical was established in Downtown Lubbock. 

The Merc & Veritas’s Memberships 

Veritas Medical actively engages with the local community, collaborating with businesses for corporate wellness programs. The Merc, Veritas’ store, is a testament to their commitment to sourcing high-quality health foods and items, with a preference for locally-grown and produced merchandise. Partnerships with local farmers and ranchers ensure the availability of nutrient-dense, locally sourced-food for the people of Lubbock. Anyone can become a member of their Wellness Program. Visit their website for more membership information. 

Business Ownership & Expansion 

Being a business owner in downtown Lubbock, Texas, is described by Veritas as fun and exciting. Veritas is currently expanding into the wellness space, launching a new website to provide individual and corporate wellness education and support. 

Veritas Medical stands as a testament to the success that comes from a genuine commitment to health, community and quality service. For more information about Veritas, check out their website at

“Downtown Lubbock has such a uniqueness to it.”

Dr. Ben Edwards