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Tucker Floral

Located in the heart of the Business District in Downtown Lubbock, Andrew Tucker, owner and head florist at Tucker Floral, manifests love, connection and community through floral art and arrangements. With nearly two decades of design experience from flower shops across the city, and strong relationships with the Lubbock community, Tucker set out on his own venture opening Tucker Floral in 2019.

Initially located in the long-time downtown Lubbock business, Jux-ta-Posh, The Tucker Floral team soon transitioned to a larger space on Avenue J. Tucker says the proximity to the Marsha Sharp Freeway allows for better access to a strong, new clientele and promotes thriving business relationships with wedding couples and college students alike, as well as partners purchasing flowers for their loved ones.

“Flowers are what I live for. I love being able to design and create something organically beautiful. to celebrate life’s achievements,” Tucker said.

Cultivating a culture in line with Lubbock’s small-town values, Tucker believes the soul of his small business lies in the relationships he has fostered through flowers.

We may be small, but we have a big business heart,” he said. “I’ve created relationships that I cherish because of my business. Some of my clientele I’ve been friends with for over 15 years. I’ve done multiple weddings within family groups, anniversaries, and even their children’s birth. I’ve been blessed to be a part of family events considered only for families because of the close friendships I’ve come to know. My goal isn’t just to sell flowers and arrangements, it’s to retain relationships after the party.”

Located just blocks from the Downtown Lubbock Arts District, Tucker Floral has found community through a likeminded approach to embracing art and culture with other creatives in the area. He attributes the strength of both the city of Lubbock and its robust arts community to the welcoming nature of all artisans.

“I love the sense of community that can be easily built here. You don’t ever feel alone; everyone knows everyone,” he said. “I can walk to the store and am almost guaranteed to see someone I know or walk to the salon to make coffee and conversation. It’s what makes Lubbock, Lubbock.”

On top of creating relationships and challenging himself creatively with new floral designs and techniques, Tucker has opened his creative wheelhouse to include wood and metalworking to create custom fixtures for his clientele including iron stands for stages and weddings.

“I love how everything changes with each event,” he said. “It allows me to come up with new creative and expressive works of art each time. A theme may be similar, but no two events are ever the same. There are an uncountable number of flowers in the world and even more ways to use them. Whether creating a crescent moon out of roses for a photoshoot or bouquet for a bride, floral design allows me to be creative in ever-changing and enjoyable ways every day.”

Learning new skills and sharing them with the young minds in his shop is a priority for Tucker as he says it is “fulfilling to see when the ones I teach are able to go out and succeed for themselves.”

Tucker Floral’s intimate team of five designated designers, with an additional seven helping hands when needed, have created a family-like culture that is reflected in the fun-loving, beautiful design work offered to each customer.

“We enjoy what we do, and all our products are made beautifully and efficiently as a result,” he shared.

When asked what is next for Tucker Floral, Tucker says he plans on continuing to build relationships with the community while offering excellent service at a quality that exceeds all expectations.

Stop by Tucker Floral at 1106 Avenue J in Downtown Lubbock today to order your Valentine’s Day flowers!

Flowers are what I live for, I love being able to design and create something organically beautiful, to celebrate life’s achievements.

Andrew Tucker, Owner,
Tucker Floral

20 responses to “Tucker Floral: Blooming in the Heart of Lubbock”

  1. Christy Duran Avatar
    Christy Duran

    Beautiful! Love your designs!

  2. Mckaylee Ledesma Avatar
    Mckaylee Ledesma

    Absolutely love! Flowers bring so much joy to my life!

  3. Annie Hoffman Avatar
    Annie Hoffman

    Beautiful! Such enchanting and whimsical arrangements.

  4. Nancy Avatar

    Love supporting local businesses! Def loved to learn about new places as well. Although Lubbock is small in feel like in two years being here. I’m constantly seeing new places to visit.

  5. Kortney Gholson Avatar
    Kortney Gholson

    So beautifully arranged and well thought out! Absolutely stunning!

  6. Elena Flores Avatar
    Elena Flores

    Such beautiful bouquets! I love saving all the flowers I am gifted. I could use a new one for my collection. Lol

  7. Erin Dembo Avatar
    Erin Dembo

    Literally love your bouquets, any type of flower place I just melt!

  8. Celeste Bursiaga Avatar

    Absolutely stunning flowers!!

  9. Mary Ruth Matthews Avatar

    Tucker is truly a Lubbock GEM.

  10. Michal Avatar

    Your arrangements are beautiful. From what I read in this article, your heart for community and local creativity is even more beautiful! I love a good local business who truly loves what they do and pours their heart and soul back into the community. ♥️

  11. Melissa Avatar

    I love flowers 💐

  12. Anicia Harriman Avatar
    Anicia Harriman

    Tucker makes the most beautiful and artistic arrangement that are pure artwork ♥️

  13. Alesia Avatar

    I saw Tucker Florals page pop up on my tiktok and had no idea this business was located 5 minutes away from me! I’m so excited I’ve found a local floral shop that prioritizes its relationship with their customers and wants to build lasting partnerships throughout all of life’s moments. As someone who buys flowers for every occasion, I’m happy to have come across their page.

  14. Lauren Avatar

    Tucker does beautiful work! So lucky to have him in the 806!

  15. Marlynke Mikeska Avatar
    Marlynke Mikeska

    Love having such a beautiful flower shop in Lubbock!!!

  16. Abi Beaudoin Avatar

    The arrangements that are created are stunning!! I’m absolutely blown away by the attention to detail and creativity with each one. Beautiful work! ✨

  17. Jordan Cooper Avatar

    Great GOOGLY MOOGLY Andrew cheers to building more relationships and expanding your reach with the community for years to come! Thank you Lubbock EDA for sharing!

  18. Jasmine Ramon Avatar
    Jasmine Ramon

    these floral arrangements and business look gorgeous! hoping business is booming during this season of love!

  19. Maybel Avatar

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  20. Laney Bivens Avatar
    Laney Bivens

    Would love to win the valentines giveaway. We used Tucker for our wedding and just had our first baby so it would be a full circle moment to have his magic in our home again!! He is the best!! ♥️