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The Maj Boutique


The Maj Boutique

Where the Only Buyers Remorse You Will Have is for the Stuff You Didn’t Buy

Started in 2019 by TTU Alumna Amy Grisham, The Maj Boutique is a whimsical, fashion-forward store. Amy encourages women to find their own unique, confident style by offering a variety of exclusive products from clothes to shoes, accessories and so much more. 

Amy grew up in the Dallas area but while obtaining her degree in restaurant and hotel management from Texas Tech University, she knew she’d found a home in Lubbock. Since making her way back to the Hub City 20 years ago, Amy has been an event planner, a stay-at-home mom and worked in retail part-time where she fell in love with the industry.

“I knew this was what I was meant to do,” Amy said. “In August of 2019, when my last daughter was about to go off to college, I launched The Maj Boutique with the support of my family and the Lubbock community.”

The store is named after Amy’s daughters, Maie and Anna Jane, as she hopes to be an inspiration to them. 

“We are in our 4th year open here in Lubbock and it has been an amazing experience,” Amy said. “What I think is also super special about Lubbock is we are very community-orientated, and I think everyone here has a passion for helping others.”

In a world where online shopping has become the norm, some questioned Amy’s reasoning behind opening a brick-and-mortar store. Ultimately, Amy wanted to create a personal shopping experience where customers would leave with more than an estimated shipping date. 

Even though Lubbock was already home to several great boutiques, Amy felt there was a niche missing for someone like her- bright, colorful, and fashion-forward while still modest. 

Amy strives to keep Maj unique by bringing in exclusive brands such as Stoney Clover, Vendula London and Tyler Madison. 

“We have a wide audience range at Maj from young professionals in their 20s and 30s to women in their 40s and even 70s,” Amy said. “Therefore, I like to say that Maj has a style that is whimsical but professional.” 

Maj’s newest exclusive addition is the Lubbock Toile by Katie Kime which highlights some of Lubbock’s most iconic features including the Chilton and the prairie dog. This collection will be exclusive to Maj for one year. 

“Katie Kime is nationwide as she has collections for most of Texas including San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas, as well as other places such as New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, New York City and Chicago,” Amy said. “I approached her because I felt like we needed to represent Lubbock. It is an amazing place that people are proud to call home. This collection is a great memento to help people remember their roots here in Lubbock.” 

For over a year, Amy worked with Katie Kime to ensure that Lubbock was accurately represented through the icons featured in the collection. 

“Our farmers are represented with the cotton, vineyard and tractor, our roots with Buddy Holly and the Cactus Theater,” Amy said. “I even included performing arts with the Buddy Holly Hall. Other icons such as the Chilton, prairie dog, windmills, cactus, tumbleweed, the South Plains Fair and the Pioneer Building all hold meaning to the Lubbock community.”

By featuring women-owned businesses in her store, Amy hopes to help others achieve their dreams as the Lubbock community has done for her. 

“We live in a place that is super supportive and grasps the concept of support small,” Amy said. 

“I feel like sometimes if you are in a big city, things get lost and it is a lot easier to shop at places that have more recognition of things like that. The size of our area is growing, but I still feel like the Lubbock people’s hearts are definitely into helping each other out.” 

To learn more about The Maj Boutique, check out their website at

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  1. Olivia Foster Avatar
    Olivia Foster

    So cute

  2. gwen phillips Avatar
    gwen phillips

    Hey! My name is Gwen! This is my addition bonus for the give away! Thanks

  3. Hayden Hatch Avatar

    I love that Amy is helping so many other lovely business women succeed by placing their items in her store!!

  4. Autumn Miller Avatar
    Autumn Miller

    Love this little store!

  5. Griffyn Pendergrass Avatar
    Griffyn Pendergrass

    the best!!! 🤍

  6. Kelly Chisum Avatar
    Kelly Chisum

    Amy has always had the best style! She is a precious friend who works her hiney off to provide Lubbock with this awesome store!! Love MAJ!!

  7. Jenny Crim Avatar
    Jenny Crim

    To had a wonderful experience shopping with my daughter at your store 💓

  8. Caroline Avatar

    Would love if my closet was filled with more Maj!

  9. Abigail B Avatar

    So vibrant and eclectic! Love the backstory about the Lubbock Toile!

  10. PAYTON SMITH Avatar

    Such a cute little store!!❤️

We live in a place that is super supportive and grasps the concept of support small.

Amy Grisham, Owner of The Maj Boutique