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TACO Hydroflo Pump Solutions

Taco Hydroflo Pump Solutions Opens in Lubbock, Texas

Taco Hydroflo Pump Solutions expanded into the Lubbock community, adding 38 new jobs and $1,875,000 of capital investment. The company’s location serves as the primary manufacturing facility with expanded pump test pit improvements. They plan to host customers and suppliers from across the globe to see firsthand the innovation and craftsmanship of their product line in Lubbock, Texas. 

Taco Hydroflo Pump Solutions Products

Taco Hydroflo Pump Solutions manufactures and services large vertical and submersible pumps, providing valuable engineered solutions for customers and helping those with critical roles ensure the earth’s vital resources are available. Their markets include industrial, agricultural, commercial, marine, power generation, mining, municipal applications and energy exploration.

The Lubbock facility will manufacture vertical turbines, vertical mixed-flow pumps, vertical axial-flow pumps, submersible turbines and deep-set long lateral bowls and impellers.

Vertical Turbines and Submersible Turbines are high-pressure pumps that lift water from wells or reservoirs and supply it to crops in agricultural fields. The Vertical Mixed-Flow Pumps, Vertical Turbines and Submersible Turbines remove groundwater from mines to prevent flooding and facilitate mining operations.

Taco’s pumps are essential for water supply and distribution, providing drinking water and irrigation for valuable food sources. They also help sustain the environment, providing water circulation, pollution control, wastewater management and hydropower energy production.

The Lubbock Facility

After an extensive search for the best-fit location for their new facility, Taco Hydroflo Pump Solutions made the Hub City home for its manufacturing operations.

“Lubbock has a rich history of supporting manufacturing operations strongly rooted in the local economy. The Lubbock economy is prospering and has world-class infrastructure, an affordable cost of living and a friendly business tax environment. The proximity to Texas Tech, Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering and Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources were key drivers in our decision-making process regarding our future workforce development plans. Access to highly skilled engineers, program managers and all aspects of agricultural students will play a significant role in our company’s future successes. Lubbock and the surrounding area are home to a high concentration of our current and potential customers, along with current and potential suppliers.”

Taco says its company values and culture align with the Lubbock and West Texas culture in numerous ways. The most important thing is that people come first!

“Relationships are paramount at Taco. Whether you are an employee, customer, business partner or community member, you will be treated with kindness, integrity and mutual respect by our team. The same can be said about Lubbock and the welcoming, friendly nature West Texans exuberate. The people are our favorite thing about Lubbock. The locals here are super nice, super friendly, extremely helpful, hard-working and honest folks. The educational opportunities, food and music stand out among the community as well.”

One of Taco’s core values is to support the communities that support their people and company.  

“Staying true to the local community and supporting those who support us, we must give back by operating sustainably, purchasing locally whenever possible and supporting local non-profit work. Success and growth are important not only to our company but to our surroundings as well. We will always strive to provide a secure, stable livelihood for our employees and their families and opportunities for growth.”

About Taco Hydroflo Pumps USA

In 2012, Hydroflo Pumps, USA, Inc. was acquired by Taco Comfort Solutions to grow and expand the product offerings, capabilities and expertise to satisfy their customers’ ever-increasing product needs. Taco streamlined its operations by creating two main plants in Lubbock, Texas, and Fresno, California. Taco strategically targeted the Lubbock facility as the primary manufacturing and testing site, while the Fresno site is set for ancillary manufacturing.

The Taco Family of Companies is a global network of industry-leading brands that include Taco Comfort Solutions, headquartered in Cranston, Rhode Island, with a secondary location in Fall River, Massachusetts, Taco Italia in Italy, Taconova in Zurich and Precision Investment Foundry Asia (PIFATM) located in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.

What Sets Taco Apart in the Industry

When asked what sets their company apart from others in the industry, Taco said, “Our exceptional people, our company, and our reputation.”

“Taco is a third-generation, family-owned global company in its 104th year of operation. With persistent focus and exceeding expectations, we strive to be the first choice for dependable, highly efficient indoor heating, cooling, plumbing and fluid control solutions, helping customers save money, energy, and resources with maximum comfort and productivity. Our expertise, reliability, and field support improve our customers’ productivity and return on investment.”

Taco Hydroflo Comfort Solutions also offers industry-leading training for residential and commercial systems. These flexible training options are designed to fit the trainee’s schedule. People can train at the factory, in the field or online.

A Continued Partnership

The Lubbock facility is open and Taco Hydroflo Pump Solutions encourages visitors to set up a tour through their website, as they are excited to become part of the Lubbock community. 

“We are thrilled to open our newest location in Lubbock and look forward to a continued partnership that is successful in growth and prosperity for both Taco Hydroflo Pump Solutions and Lubbock, Texas.”

For more information about the Taco Hydroflo Pump Solutions Lubbock facility, visit

The Lubbock economy is prospering and has world class infrastructure, an affordable cost of living and a friendly business tax environment.

Taco Hydroflo Pump Solutions