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Silicon Valley to the South Plains

Lubbock’s Tech Industry

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From the Silicon Valley to the South Plains, as a region known primarily for agriculture and energy, Lubbock’s reputation as the hub of West Texas in a variety of industries is a conduit for growth in one of the fastest growing sectors across the United States: technology. Over the past few years, Lubbock has been well-positioned to meet the needs of the ever-growing technology industry. 

Being a mid-sized city with high economic growth potential in the digital age sets Lubbock up for success when looking to lure large tech companies that are relocating or expanding and attract millennials searching for their next career move in tech. With a robust technology sector on the rise, software developers from across the country, namely the Golden State, are discovering Lubbock as an attractive market.

Working in the technology sector as well as being trained for a career in the industry is an available option for many, especially in Lubbock, Texas. The evolving market for software designers, coders and computer scientists isn’t lost on the “Hub City”. With a plethora of opportunities, both educational and professional, the city has welcomed long-time residents and created a number of reputable training programs at institutions like Texas Tech University (TTU), Lubbock Coding Academy and South Plains College. In fact, TTU has been ranked in the Top 20 for engineering graduate programs.

The high demand for technical jobs allows for continued entry-level and experienced positions being readily available. With the growing IT needs in any sector of work, coders have the potential to work in a variety of industries. 

Transitioning from school to career is easily accessible in Lubbock. Technology positions are consistently in demand as the market continues to be on the rise in West Texas. As a top city where millennials are moving to, Lubbock boasts the amenities required to create a solid foundation for a career as well as family. With a low cost of living and countless available opportunities, Lubbock is a competitive option for both working professionals and companies alike. 

With an attractive market and central location nationwide, companies are moving their offices to the “Hub City”, bringing with them available jobs and a pool of talented workers to add to the labor force.

In fact, a California-based business recently relocated to the 806. Hoverstate, a software design and development agency, found Lubbock to be a strong competitor among other metro areas including Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Ultimately, the affordable cost of business, high quality of life and rich pool of talent is what made Lubbock the attractive option that couldn’t be passed on. Skilled engineering, medical and IT graduates are also a large reason Hoverstate decided to expand in Lubbock.

Heading south for more than the winter, Skywriter M.D., a medical scribing company, recently  moved into downtown Lubbock. Skywriter employs pre-medical and medical students to work directly with doctors by virtually transcribing visits, allowing the physician more face time with the patient. 

CieloIT, a tech support company located in Lubbock, provides 24/7 remote assistance to businesses in need of device, network and wifi management, security and surveillance. The high-quality help from CieloIT provides companies across the region with peace of mind. This is just one example of how the tech industry in Lubbock services all other sectors of work in the “Hub City”, providing opportunities for future development. 

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