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Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Started by Lubbock natives Makenzie and Raina Keneda, Odds & Ends is a family-owned business selling home décor, gifts, clothing and much more. Recently celebrating their seventh anniversary, this mother-daughter duo hopes to inspire people to make their house a home through their store and unique classes. 

The Inception of Odds & Ends

With a modest budget, Odds & Ends started small but has organically grown into a community staple, thanks to the vision of Makenzie and Raina. 

“Growing up, I loved visiting small shops with my mom,” Mackenzie said. “Because of this, I’m not normally an online shopper. I think it’s fun finding unique items and bringing in friends and family from out of town into a cool local shop.” 

Through the past seven years, Odds & Ends has evolved from its simple beginnings with gifts and decor and added in clothing, food products and classes. 

“The journey of a small business is an unpredictable one,” Mackenzie said. “We’ve been at several different locations as we’ve grown and never knew what was next. We’re just a mother-daughter team that wanted to own a small business, and we’ve been thankful to be able to do that over the years.” 

Products & Classes 

At Odds & Ends, the emphasis on handmade and unique products takes center stage. For those in search of the perfect present, the store boasts a collection of ready-to-go gifts or the option to create custom ones, including personalized candles and coffee blends. The team takes pride in crafting personalized gifts to meet customers’ unique preferences like Lubbock-themed items such as the 806 candle.

Odds & Ends also presents an array of classes ranging from candle-pouring and charcuterie crafting to festive-themed sessions like cookie decorating. Whether you’re in search of a delightful activity or aiming to elevate your home, these classes serve as an excellent opportunity to forge new connections and immerse yourself in a creative experience.

Supporting Other Lubbock Local Businesses

From the beginning, Mackenzie and Raina have been passionate about supporting other small businesses.

“I don’t see other Lubbock local businesses as competitors but instead as my biggest supporters,” Mackenzie said. “I love to send our clients over to other local stores so that they can find exactly what they’re looking for, and other shops do the same. The only businesses we’re competing with are the large chain stores, not each other.”

Odds & Ends has actively shared a “SHOP LOCAL” list, which is a collaborative effort aimed at encouraging the community to patronize small businesses. Mackenzie firmly believes in the unparalleled customer service and quality items that local stores offer, and as a result is one of Lubbock’s biggest advocates. 

“It’s crazy how many other young professionals, especially women, there are in town,” Mackenzie said. “The best part of owning a business is all of the amazing people, customers, vendors and small business owners we have met that have turned into friends. It’s been awesome to get to create a community of amazing entrepreneurs around us and I can’t wait to see what Lubbock has for us going forward!”

For more information about Odds & Ends, their products and classes visit their social media channels or website

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  1. Melissa Hinojosa Avatar
    Melissa Hinojosa

    I can’t wait to 📝 in some classes!!! ❤️ #localLBK

  2. Olivia Foster Avatar
    Olivia Foster


  3. Rosanne Johnson Avatar
    Rosanne Johnson

    I absolutely love this store! They are so friendly and helpful!

  4. Abigail B Avatar

    Love the personalized items and the fact that some are handmade is amazing! I think the fact that they share about other small businesses is so admirable.

  5. Kat Stevens Avatar
    Kat Stevens

    I absolutely love Odds & Ends & the girls that started it! Fave place for a unique Lbk gift.

I don’t see other Lubbock local businesses as competitors but instead as my biggest supporters.

Makenzie Keneda