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Lubbock Ranks High for Higher Education

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With over 20% of Lubbock’s total population comprised of college students, higher education and life after graduation is no doubt a priority in the “Hub City.” In fact, Lubbock was recently named in the Top 15 Best Mid-Sized Cities for New Graduates in 2019. Access to major highways, prime conditions for businesses, above-average work-life balance and a low cost of living is proof of why Lubbock is a great place to call home after earning your degree. 

In a recent study by, 141 mid-sized cities with a population of 150,000 – 750,000 were scored based on nine different factors. These include average monthly rent, median earnings for bachelor’s degree holders, projected job growth, average commute, crime rate and entertainment centers. Based on the findings, Lubbock ranked number 14!  

If you were to ask any Lubbockite, they would agree! An average monthly rent of $773 and the median entry-level salary of $50,000 for those with bachelor’s degrees makes the cost of living affordable for young professionals.  

Life for new graduates isn’t the only place where Lubbock is exceeding in higher education. Texas Tech University (TTU) is among the Top 10% of universities for international students in the United States. With over 3,000 international students on campus and 48 countries represented, it is no wonder TTU is ranked in the so high! 

US News analyzed graduation rates for international students, english as a second language (ELS) program and available grant aid that is given. TTU offers students from all over the world a quality education with the resources they need to succeed.

Lubbock is home to a number of higher education institutions including, Texas Tech University, Lubbock Christian University and South Plains College. To find out more about the colleges and universities in the area, click here

“Anyone can come to Lubbock for half of a day and see what type of culture this community is about.”

Christopher Fisher
VXI Global Solutions