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Lubbock Ranked 3rd Best City

for Remote Workers

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While many businesses have been back at the office maintaining social distancing guidelines, other companies are continuing to work from home. High-speed internet and a practical home office have never been more important. The days of in-person meetings have been quickly replaced by Zoom calls and it’s been brought to our attention that some of those meetings actually could have been emails. 

Like major tech companies such as Facebook and Google, a few local businesses have made the decision to work from home indefinitely, allowing employees with newfound freedoms while also becoming an attractive option to young professionals. In a recent study conducted by Finance Buzz, Lubbock ranked third best city for new remote workers. The results were based on a range of factors that make a city optimal for remote work including the cost of living, Wi-Fi speed, delivery options, parks per capita, proximity to a major airport and the availability of affordable three-plus bedroom houses on the market. 

While it’s no secret to locals that Lubbock checks all of the boxes, prospective residents may need more insight into why the “Hub City” is the ideal location to work from home. 

By reviewing the locations that offered many of the same amenities one can find in New York City or the Silicone Valley at a fraction of the cost, it was a no brainer to place Lubbock at the top of the list. Lubbock has taken pride in its below-average cost of living and has one of the lowest costs of living out of the 100 cities with the highest population labor force which were analyzed. Purchasing a home in Lubbock is attainable, as well as the costs associated with home-ownership like internet. In fact, AT&T services the “Hub City” and will soon offer 5G speed to its customers. In West Texas, your dollar will take you farther than imaginable in other places like California or on the East Coast. 

Being the hub of West Texas for a number of sectors including retail, outer-lying rural communities rely heavily on the city’s resources. With an MSA of nearly 300,000, Lubbock continues to be recognized by national chains such as The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Changs and other restaurants. Not only do we have our fair share of well-known eateries, but the culinary scene is also hot as it boats a plethora of local restaurants including Picoso’s, Thai Pepper and Stacked – all in which offer delivery service either independently or through a third-party company like Doordash or Favor. So long are the nights working late without any food! Delicious TexMex can be right at your door with contactless delivery while you sit inside hard at work. 

One of the many perks of working from home is the freedom it offers. Your new “daily commute” can be a walk around the park in your neighborhood to kick-start the day. Employers don’t expect you to slave away in front of the computer screen all day! Rejuvenate with some fresh air. We know your coworker… I mean pup would appreciate it. Luckily, Lubbock has many parks, dog parks and walking trails to offer. Try out the trails at the Historic Dunbar Lake next time you are looking to stretch the legs! 

As we ease our way back into travel, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport makes it easy to daydream of getting away and relaxing on the beach somewhere. Although that may be a ways away, Lubbock’s airport is not. Located five minutes from downtown and a maximum of 20 minutes from anywhere in the city, the ease of access creates a smooth start to any trip. Not to mention the short security lines at any time of day. The next time you consider traveling, remember how easy it is with Lubbock’s access to major airlines including United, American Eagle and Southwest. 

In this new normal we are all learning to navigate, make the easy choice with Lubbock, Texas. Our above-average amenities coupled with the world-class opportunities will make any workday feel like a holiday. 

“It is the quality of life, and the attitude of I can and we will. We will do the things necessary to move Lubbock forward”

Latrelle Joy
Lubbock Councilwoman