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Living a #QuietLife

in Lubbock, Texas

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Gen Z is trading in hustle culture for a slow-paced way of life they have coined the #quietlife trend. With over 77 million views on TikTok, individuals are choosing the quiet life over a more chaotic schedule. The fast-moving city culture with its traffic and long wait times is no longer an appeal to those who are looking to embrace their inner peace and create a more enriched life. Living quieter does not mean giving up the resources a big city may have to offer, but rather prioritizing relaxation and embracing the simple things. 

This rising generation is reevaluating their five-to-nine after the nine-to-five. Picking up soft hobbies has encouraged employees to look past their work schedule to find ways to maximize time spent outside of the office with slower-paced evenings that encourage a stress-free life.

In Lubbock, Texas, we couldn’t imagine a better place to embrace a slower pace of life. Here, citizens can establish a community that shares a similar interest in exchanging the hustle and bustle of a city for a stable life in the desert. With cozy coffee shops like Monomyth Coffee and J&B Coffee Co. that foster a communal environment, breweries like Two Docs Brewing Co. and Good Line Beer Co. that introduce local musicians during an open mic night, walking trails frequented by run clubs, and book clubs sponsored by small businesses, people quickly realize finding a #quietlife is not a challenge here. 

Lubbock offers the resources and opportunities to live a life fitting to this trend with commute times as low as 18 minutes. People also find the wide open spaces of West Texas to be meditative. Here, there are no limits to what can be created or explored within oneself. In fact, many local artists attribute their inspiration to the landscape, which allows them to push beyond their limits. 

The city not only embraces this way of life but also encourages it. Over the past decade, bike lanes have been added in downtown and throughout city neighborhoods. Investments in dog parks have created green space for pet owners and their pups to make friends with others while enjoying the fresh West Texas air. 

By romanticizing life, picking up hobbies, and engaging in activities that decrease stress levels, as well as becoming more mindful, this new generation of the workforce is bringing us back to what is important in life. Find balance on the caprock. For more information on how to join the #quietlife trend in Lubbock, visit 

“Lubbock is quietly becoming a mecca of development across the country.”

Brian Cook