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West Texas is filled with creators, catalysts, entrepreneurs and leaders who each have a wealth of knowledge worth sharing. Whether it be an executive from a start-up company made into a national chain, a scientist working with NASA or an influential individual within our community, the “Hub City” is filled with talented, hard-working citizens who help set us apart.

Each member of our community is monumental in the development of our city and the growth of our workforce. While a business can be opened, research can be conducted and art can be created anywhere, there is a significant asset Lubbock offers that varies with each mogul. With community support and a booming economy, while being a conducive environment for successful projects, it has been said that Lubbock, Texas is the ideal location for business. 

The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) sits down with those willing to share their insight and discuss why Lubbock is their choice city to do business on Hub City Spokes, a podcast designed for creators, catalysts and entrepreneurs, which provides insight on what it means to have a developing venture in the “Hub City”. Each interview highlights the thriving industry climate found within the city. Interviewees range from nationally acclaimed artists or collegiate basketball coaches to West Coast business executives who moved their headquarters here. No matter the field of choice, each sector continues to prove as a resilient force. 

Our goal with each interview is to provide potential entrepreneurs, business owners looking to relocate or expand, artists searching for the high plains inspiration or scientists utilizing the resources found at Texas Tech University with additional knowledge that stems from real-life experiences of working in the “Hub City.” 

From exceptional community leaders and pioneers of major research, to the upcoming highlight on local companies who worked tirelessly to serve Lubbock during the COVID-19 outbreak, each of the season themes is strategically curated to provide listeners in any field of work with valuable information that spurs momentum in Lubbock. Just as a spoke connects the wheel, support for our strong workforce connects our community. When one business, organization or individual flourishes, we all do.

If you are interested in hearing from successful women and men in our community, visit or download Hub City Spokes wherever you listen to podcasts today! 

“Lubbock is that city where people are friendly. We’ve been named the friendliest city in the past.”

Latrelle Joy
Lubbock Councilwoman