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HHC Living

HHC Living

HHC Living, a distinguished luxury home goods retailer and interior design firm, has carved a unique niche in Lubbock, Texas. What began as an unintentional venture, has now grown into a thriving business that includes a team of four interior designers and a rapidly expanding retail division. With a focus on celebrating the local community, HHC Living is set to enhance the retail and hospitality experience in Lubbock with the opening of its second location.

The Genesis of HHC Living

Founded in 2011 by Justin Davis, Jordan Davis and Michael Porter, HHC Living has its roots firmly planted in Lubbock. Both Justin and Jordan are Texas Tech alumni, while Michael grew up nearby in Post. Michael says the decision to stay in the city is attributed to the unwavering support they all received from the community. The accidental inception of the business occurred after the team furnished a Lubbock Parade of Homes, leading to numerous requests for their design services. Since then, HHC Living has witnessed exponential growth, attracting loyal customers and garnering community appreciation.

Expanding Horizons

HHC Living’s growth is evident as it prepares to launch its second location at 111th & Slide. This new establishment will feature an expanded range of offerings, including tabletop collections, home fragrances, gifts, bedding, pillows and skincare products. Their new location will also feature a collaboration with Candle Bar Kitchen & Cocktails. Owned by individuals with almost two decades of experience in the Lubbock restaurant and bar scene, Candle Bar adds a distinctive touch to the HHC Living experience. 

The existing Frankford location will continue to serve as the home base for the interior design business, lighting and custom furniture.

The Local Toile: A Celebration of Lubbock

In a creative endeavor to celebrate the city they love, about a year ago, HHC Living started working on The Local Toile. This collection features a toile pattern adorned with symbols carefully selected by the HHC Living owners through discussions with employees, friends and families. The result is a unique representation of Lubbock that captures the essence of the community and its spirit through notepads, tea towels and wrapping paper. 

“We wanted to create products that celebrated the city we love, and a toile pattern seemed like the perfect way to achieve our goal,” Michael said. “ It was really fun to select each element and place everything together in a way that feels very Lubbock.” 

Embracing Opportunities & Community

The owners of HHC Living express their gratitude for the overwhelming support they received from the community from the start and in light of their second location. 

“Living and working near the universities brings great energy to the city and has introduced us to so many fascinating people, “ Michael said. “We have stayed in Lubbock because of the support we’ve received from the community. Lubbock isn’t the small city it used to be and I see nothing but opportunity here.”

With the upcoming second location and innovative collaborations, HHC Living is positioned to continue shaping the landscape of luxury living and hospitality in Lubbock for years to come. For more information, check out their website at

3 responses to “HHC Living | Elevating Luxury Living & Hospitality in Lubbock, Texas”

  1. Kayla Hill Avatar
    Kayla Hill

    Distinguished addition to our community!!

  2. Victoria Williams Avatar
    Victoria Williams

    Lubbock has such a great community!! These specific designs are such a creative way of capturing what Lubbock is made of!!

  3. Leanna Mitchell Avatar
    Leanna Mitchell

    Love lubbock I’ve been here for 40 years it’s a great place to raise kids


We have stayed in Lubbock because of the support we have received from the community.

Michael Porter