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Glazed Honey Ham Co. Lubbock, Texas

Glazed Honey Ham Co. Lubbock, Texas

Located in Lubbock, Texas, Glazed Honey Ham Co., offers delectable spiral-sliced glazed honey hams, an array of specialty meats and complete holiday dinners.

The History of Glazed Honey Ham Co. 

Established in October 1989, by Johnny and Susan Boling, the company has grown from a small venture in the Kingsgate shopping center to a thriving business, now located in a spacious setting that houses not only their renowned ham offerings but also a delightful sandwich shop.

Matt Laycock, a Lubbock native and Texas Tech alum, bought Glazed Honey Ham Co. in 2019. He and his wife chose to stay in Lubbock to raise their family, captivated by the city’s unique blend of a big-city atmosphere with a small-town vibe. According to Laycock, Lubbock is a community that supports one another, especially during times of need, making it an ideal place to call home.

Quality Ingredients

The secret to Glazed Honey Ham Co.’s mouthwatering hams lies in the sourcing of top-notch ingredients. Their signature hams come from Smithfield Farms in Missouri, ensuring a premium and flavorful product. Complementing the ham is the locally sourced honey from Burleson, Texas, adding a touch of sweetness.

Diverse Menu

Beyond their celebrated honey-glazed hams, Glazed Honey Ham Co. boasts a diverse menu featuring other specialty meats, complete holiday dinners with sides and desserts and a sandwich shop that has gained a reputation for serving the best sandwiches, soups and salads in town.

Ordering Convenience

Customers can conveniently place orders at Glazed Honey Ham Co. through various channels – over the phone, in-store or online for shipping. This flexibility ensures that patrons can enjoy the goodness of Glazed Honey Ham Co. whether they’re hosting a holiday gathering, grabbing a quick lunch or sending a delicious gift to a loved one.

Local Roots and Community Engagement

Glazed Honey Ham Co. has deep roots in the Lubbock community and proudly supports local businesses. The company partners with Bigham’s and Raider Red Meats, fostering collaborations with other small businesses across Texas. Their commitment to the community extends to serving local hospitals, schools, banks and churches daily.

Expansion Plans

Looking towards the future, Glazed Honey Ham Co. has exciting expansion plans. Matt envisions the launch of a food truck to bring their delectable offerings to even more corners of Lubbock. In addition, the company recently built a new warehouse and freezer to meet the increasing demand for their high-quality products.

Glazed Honey Ham Co. has become a cherished local restaurant in Lubbock, offering a blend of good folks, good food and a commitment to excellence. For more information about Glazed Honey Ham Co., check out their website at!

4 responses to “Glazed Honey Ham Co. Lubbock, Texas”

  1. Teresa Woodruff Avatar
    Teresa Woodruff

    I ate the products at a friends for the holidays amd it was delicious. The ham was cook to perfection. The dressing was also flavorful. I will try this for my family one day ❤️ 😋 🍗 🍠🥧🍖

  2. Lili Kagels Avatar
    Lili Kagels

    I Love the story behind the company and what it’s about! I can’t wait to try some!

  3. Brittany Avatar

    Not many people know about Glazed Honey Ham Co. That is why I always recommend them for their amazing sandwiches and soups!! Such a great atmosphere and amazing workers.

  4. Molly Martinez Avatar
    Molly Martinez

    This place has been a staple for family gathering for years. Their employees are exceptional not to mention as employers as well.

Lubbock is a big city with a small town vibe with a community that supports each other, rallies around those in need and is a great place to raise a family.

Matt Laycock