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5 Reasons to Call Lubbock, Texas Home

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Many questions confront important factors when considering moving to a new city. What is the quality of life and cost of living? What industries thrive in the area and what positions are available in my career field? What is the housing market like? In Lubbock, Texas, the answers to these questions provide a sense of ease and excitement to embark on this next chapter of life. Lubbock affords the freedom to live the life you imagine, start a family, and grow a business. Before making the leap, consider five reasons that will place Lubbock, Texas at the top of your list. 

As the hub of West Texas, Lubbock is proudly known as the “Hub City.” From health care, education and technology to retail, manufacturing, distribution and agriculture, our big city resources are effortlessly met with a small-town feel thanks to our remote location on the South Plains and college-town culture with the dominating presence of Texas Tech University. Here, you will find our West Texas values to be welcoming and inviting for all in search of the American Dream.

Speaking of the Red Raiders, Lubbock’s college-town culture provides an incredible gameday atmosphere across the city. There is no greater feeling than uniting with your neighbor to cheer for our favorite team. If you aren’t already a collegiate sports fan, you will be soon. Cheer on our favorite athletes at the Jones AT&T Stadium, United Supermarkets Arena, or a local restaurant with the big game playing on the screen. 

The community support doesn’t end with our favorite team. Ask any local business owner and entrepreneur why small businesses flourish in a metro area of over 300,000 people and they will all credit the unmatched support of the Lubbockites. When a neighborhood shop opens its doors to the public, community members will make their way to purchase goods, enjoy a meal or share their experiences with others, and will soon return. You will quickly find yourself immersed in the city!

Not only is Lubbock an incubator for talent and entrepreneurism but what we do during our time outside of work is a priority to employees and employers alike. Nowhere else is a commute from anywhere in the city under 15 minutes that also boasts attractions conducive to a fulfilled and exciting life after you clock out. From the office to the soccer field or a favorite local brewery, Lubbock’s infrastructure allows residents to stretch their day further with the extra time outside of the car.

Lubbock’s enviable quality of life is unmatched. Not only does the city offer a low cost of living and affordable housing, but the amenities across the city make living here enjoyable. Here, your dollar goes farther. What may not have seemed possible in a larger metroplex is ready and available today! 

A predominately younger city, Lubbock’s workforce is a majority made up of millennials, further proving that those looking to jumpstart their career or start a family have the opportunity to do so in Lubbock.

In a city filled with parks for youngsters and dogs to run free, a lineup of nationally acclaimed restaurants, a budding craft brewery scene, outdoor recreation, award-winning wineries, and a nightlife with activities for all, Lubbock’s quality of life is unparalleled.

“We are excited we have our own people right here in Lubbock, as well as people who don’t live in Lubbock, that are seeing there is great potential in our downtown.”

John Osborne
Lubbock Economic Development Alliance