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Yung Cry Baby

A Lubbock, Texas Interdisciplinary Artist

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Aaliyah Limon, otherwise known as Yung Cry Baby, is a Lubbock, Texas interdisciplinary artist who prides herself on community, music and inclusion. 

Aaliyah was born and raised here in the LBK. She attended Frenship High School where she participated in a program that allowed her to graduate with a high school degree and an Associate of Art from South Plains College (SPC). 

After high school, Aaliyah traveled to both coasts and found herself in Los Angeles, California as a professional model. After about six years, she decided to move back to Lubbock in search of a more peaceful life.

“In LA, I had been living such a fast life and wanted to slow down and breathe as I felt modeling may not be the life path I wanted anymore,” Aaliyah said. “I missed my friends and family and I thought being home would be good for me. As it turned out, I fell in love with Lubbock in ways I never did growing up here and I wanted to be part of the change I was watching happen.”

When she got to Lubbock, she started dedicating herself to songwriting and performing at open mic nights. 

“When I attended my first open mic, so many people loved my music that I decided to take it seriously,” Aaliyah said. “For the past five to six years, I have been working to build a following and a fan base here in Lubbock.” 

Aaliyah is currently a full-time musician and artist in Lubbock, Texas. She recently concluded her one-year residency at the Charles Adams Studio Project (CASP) and is now the karaoke hostess at Skooners Grill and Bar. 

As for the future, Aaliyah plans to continue creating music and hopes it will be a space where everyone feels welcome. 

“I want to use my music to help inspire others,” Aaliyah said. “Eventually, I would like to have a spot where I can do all the things I was doing at CASP such as a coffee shop or a bookstore where music and people of all genres are welcome.” 

Check out some of Aaliyah’s music on Sound Cloud and learn more about the CASP program here.

“We are stronger together.”

Dan Pope
Former Mayor of Lubbock