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In a world full of mass-produced fashion, there’s something truly special about shopping local and customizing your own wardrobe pieces. That’s precisely what Wild Honey Hats offers – a full-service hat bar with a variety of hats and accessories, all at an affordable price. 

In 2021, Brisai Amador found herself navigating the world of motherhood, juggling the demands of caring for her newborn all while yearning for a way to contribute to her family’s income. Therefore, she decided to open an online boutique called Wild Honey Couture, inspired by her father’s nickname “Honey.” 

However, in July 2022, Brisai felt the urge to set her boutique apart from the crowd, to offer something truly unique to her community. She eventually stumbled upon a TikTok account showcasing a hat bar in Nashville, Tennessee and saw the opportunity to provide this type of experience in the High Plains.

Over the following months, Brisai worked to make this idea a reality. With an unyielding passion for hats and a deep desire to set herself apart in life and in business, Brisai soft-launched Wild Honey Hats on October 23, 2022. The initial launch of the hat bar was a small private event with Brisai’s friends and family. This gave her the opportunity to practice branding and to iron out any kinks before launching to the public on Nov 3, 2022.

As Brisai’s business began to soar, her husband’s daily commute to Trinity Church in Lubbock, Texas, prompted a life-changing decision. She thought she would never move her business or her family out of the town she called home since childhood. However, she said that everything fell into place and she knew that Lubbock was where she was supposed to be. 

“God had other plans for us,” Brisai said. “He told me that we were going to move to Lubbock, and ever since we took that step of faith, it was like we were supposed to be here. God has opened the door for Wild Honey Hats, and I never saw it coming.” 

Arriving in Lubbock the day after Thanksgiving in 2022, Brisai started looking for the perfect location for Wild Honey Hats. Within months, she secured their current space at Untangled Salon (5217 50th St. Lubbock, Texas.), initially an 8 by 8 room, which soon expanded as her popularity grew.

Now firmly rooted in Lubbock, Texas, Brisai envisions a future where her business continues to evolve alongside her dedicated customer base and plans to establish her very own brick-and-mortar hat bar in the Hub City. 

Brisai says that she is shocked with the growth her business has experienced since February and the opportunity Lubbock has provided her. 

“Coming from a small town and seeing how hard it is to grow your business, I was worried that moving to a big town like Lubbock was going to make me and my business blend in with all the rest,” Brisai said. “I was scared that I was just going to be a little person and no one was going to see me, but it has been the opposite. The opportunities have been endless, and I love lubbock, its people and the support it has shown me.” 

With affordability top of mind, Wild Honey Hats offers a variety of hats and accessories with prices starting at $70 for suede or felt hats and topping out at $125 for wool hats. This is an all-inclusive price that covers any and all customizations. You can even BYOB (bring your own brim) for $35 and customize it to your liking. 

Brisai’s mission is simple: to ensure there’s “a hat for everyone.” With a wide array of accessories and customization options, including hat bands, jewels, conchos, playing cards, and even the option to burn and brand, she aims to create an enjoyable and accessible experience for all. As she aptly puts it, “I want people to come and hang out with us, have a good time, and rest assured that I’ll keep my prices as low as possible. That’s what sets Wild Honey Hats apart; it’s all about affordability.”

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