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324 New Jobs & $1.1M in Capital Investment

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Lubbock Economic Development Alliance Announced 324 New Jobs & $1.1 Million in Capital Investment

(LUBBOCK) – The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) announced the creation of 324 new jobs and $1.1 million in capital investment at a press conference Wednesday afternoon. VXI Global Solutions will add 300 new jobs to the community and FAST Inc. will add 24 new jobs in the IT sector as well as $1.1 million in capital investment. 

VXI Global Solutions, which designs and supports customer engagement platforms, is creating 300 new jobs to assist with customer retention at its call center. 

Christopher Fisher, site director for VXI Global Solutions, said maintaining a healthy work/life balance is crucial to an enjoyable, productive office environment. 

“At VXI Global Solutions, we want our employees working to live not living to work,” said Fisher. “Lubbock allows us to create that atmosphere in the office and provide our employees with a great quality of life.” 

FAST Inc. (Fund Accounting Solution Technologies) creates cloud-based solutions for local governments. The company is adding 24 new jobs as well as a capital investment of $1.1 million. The jobs focus on support services for the software with an average salary of more than $46,000. 

“We love being based in #Lubbock, the Silicon Valley of the High Plains. With @TexasTech, @LCUedu, @SouthPlains, @WaylandBaptist and @wtamu, this area offers a great feeder system of qualified developers and support team members for FAST.” – Brian Cook, CEO of @bgcfastsw

— Lubbock EDA (@LubbockEDA) March 27, 2019

John Osborne, CEO of LEDA, said the expansion of these companies not only benefits our workforce but also spurs economic growth with our community. 

“We are excited about the expansion of VXI Global Solutions and FAST Inc. because it means more opportunities for our citizens,” said John Osborne, CEO of the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance.

“More jobs in our community provide more opportunities for our workforce, which brings more people to #Lubbock. – @JohnOsborneLBK, CEO of @LubbockEDA

— Lubbock EDA (@LubbockEDA) March 27, 2019

“With more people moving to Lubbock, we continue to see more economic opportunities as well as more restaurants and entertainment options opening which attracts more visitors and residents and in turn more companies.” –@JohnOsborneLBK, CEO of @LubbockEDA

— Lubbock EDA (@LubbockEDA) March 27, 2019

Press Release

“There are a lot of attractive factors in Lubbock. And, I think they are going to bring other companies to Lubbock. Other technology companies. Lubbock has so much to offer.”

Brian Cook