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By: Aubrie Harris

New moms are able to find comfort, classes and a support system at The Mom Lounge. Co-owners Mary McCabe and Anna O’Steen opened the lounge in January 2023 to provide a playful, fun space for both new and seasoned mothers to build a community while their child plays and learns.

McCabe, who is no stranger to the business world, has lived in Lubbock for the past 14 years. Eleven of those years were spent owning and operating the Original Pie Bar before selling it to Whip’d Pies in favor of running the Mom Lounge. O’Steen, a Lubbock local that moved back after spending a few years in Los Angeles, also has a background in the business field through a company that she founded called Boob Food. This company focused on creating food to help with lactation for breastfeeding mothers.

This south Lubbock business was created after both McCabe and O’Steen realized there was a need for this type of space in the community after becoming mothers themselves. A place where moms can collaborate, lean on each other and share advice.

“When I had my daughter, [Los Angeles] had all these resources of play, you know, for kids and moms,” O’Steen said. “And when I moved back to Texas, we had nothing here.”

Since starting the business, McCabe and O’Steen have made a number of classes available for their clientele ranging from fun play classes to educational ones too. The play classes they offer allow for moms to bond with their children through music, yoga, dance, story-time, sensory play and more, according to their website. Some of the educational classes they offer focus on pre & postnatal care, breastfeeding and car seat installation.

“The classes are another way to bond with your littles, like through the yoga and music,” McCabe said. “Cognitive learning is happening. They’re learning so much from zero to five and we are just wanting to do something to get kids away from a computer to get them bonding with their family.”

The Mom Lounge provides a unique atmosphere, unlike any other in Lubbock. From the interactive play areas to the privacy lounges, there is something for every mom at the lounge located at 4414 82nd Street #216.

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“The growth [here] has been consistent and I think you will find that Lubbock is a great place to be.”

Latrelle Joy
Lubbock Councilwoman