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Located in the heart of the Depot District, Shotgun Sue’s Saloon offers an immersive experience that takes you back to the Wild West. Owners Vince Casquez and Tim Tremoni opened the saloon in April of 2023 and have soon become a staple of the Depot District. 

Tim, head bartender and managing partner, grew up in Lubbock and has over 20 years of experience in the bar business. After venturing out for college, he returned to Lubbock around two years ago and knew he wanted to own a restaurant/bar. 

“One thing that has always been a constant in Lubbock is the kindness,” Tim said. “West Texas is filled with the friendliest, humble, hardworking people that are so patient and non-judgemental, and I knew this is where I wanted to be. Coming back to Lubbock from a big city, like Dallas or Houston, you realize what you missed.” 

Tim felt he needed more time and experience before taking the next step, so he got a job at The Nicolett where he learned from Chef Finn Walter.

“I learned a lot from Chef Walter,” Tim said. “What he can do with food is amazing. People here in Lubbock have been so receptive to it, and I hope to transition my experiences there back into my drinks.” 

Soon after returning to Lubbock and working at The Nicolett, Tim met Vince, and the two became quick friends. They soon discovered they shared a dream of opening their own restaurant/bar business and started looking for a place. 

Initially, they were looking at opening a taqueria and toured a building across the street from their current location on Buddy Holly Ave. However, that location was too large and Tim and Vince knew that 1718 Buddy Holly Ave. was destined to be a saloon.  

Tim says his goal as managing partner and head bartender is to evoke memories through his drinks. 

“I always try to find something in a cocktail to remind you of something you’ve forgotten,” Tim said. “Lubbock has grown so much and now has an extensive food and cocktail culture.  I am having fun remembering my childhood here in Lubbock and hopefully transferring that to other people.”

With smoke-infused shots such as the Gun Smoke, cocktails made with Pinkerton’s Vodka, wine from McPherson Cellars and craft beer from the Brewery LBK, Shotgun Sue’s is offering an experience that is like no other. 

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“I’m one of those people who came to Texas Tech and didn’t leave, and I didn’t want to leave. Because Lubbock is that city where you can raise your family.”

Latrelle Joy
Lubbock Councilwoman