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Senator John Cornyn

Visits X-FAB in Lubbock, Texas

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U.S. Senator John Cornyn visited Lubbock, Texas on Monday morning to promote the CHIPS for America Act and show his support for X-FAB Texas. 

X-FAB is a leading manufacturer of silicon wafer chips that are used in a wide variety of technology from cell phones to airplanes. The company recently announced a $200 million expansion that will create up to 250 jobs and double its production. 

Cornyn says that there are risks with China and Taiwan producing most of the world’s semiconductors, and if there is another pandemic or natural disaster our world will once again plunge into a recession. 

The CHIPS for America Act seeks to restore semiconductor manufacturing back to American soil by increasing federal support to stimulate advanced chip manufacturing, enable cutting-edge research and development, secure the supply chain, create American jobs and ensure long-term national security. 

X-FAB seeks to acquire funding through The CHIPS for America Act to support the recent expansion as well as continue to grow its labor force and production of silicon wafer chips. 

“I know X-FAB has had a tremendous expansion and is planning on applying for additional funding through the CHIPS Act that we passed last year,” Cornyn said. “The CHIPS Act would provide for up to $39 billion in manufacturing centers, roughly $13 billion for increased research and development, as well as workforce development.” 

For more information about X-FAB Texas, visit their website at

“With the relationship we have with TTU, it’s easy to do business here, you can get around, you don’t have to sit in traffic.”

Dan Pope
Former Mayor of Lubbock