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Located in Lubbock, Texas, Ralph’s Records has been a haven for music lovers since the summer of 1980. Under the guidance of founder Ralph DeWitt and current owner Doug Stapp, Ralph’s Records has evolved into the vibrant hub of entertainment it is today. Ralph’s offers an extensive selection of new and used vinyl, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, concert tickets, video games, Pokemon cards, posters, tapestries, toys and an array of entertainment-related items landing it the title of the largest locally owned record store in Lubbock.

Gen Z is the Driving Force Behind Record Sales

Over the past four decades, DeWitt has evolved with the times but always stayed true to his first love…vinyls. According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, the popularity of iPods in 2008 hit the store hard until DeWitt decided to stock video games and gaming systems. This proved to be a lifesaver for the store. 

However, the primary customer base at Ralph’s has never changed from consumers in their 20s and 30s. According to, vinyl is not dead and Gen Z is the driving force behind it. Artists with huge Gen Z followings like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are at the top of record sales. To Gen Z, vinyl is more than music, it is the art on the cover, details in the sleeves and the meaning behind the art. In our virtual world, owning a physical copy of a favorite album lets young adults express their personality and character in an artistic way.

Doug Stapp | Ralph’s Records Owner & Lubbock Musician

In 2017, long-time employee Doug Stapp bought Ralph’s from DeWitt after his decision to retire. As a kid, Stapp lived in record stores. When his family moved to Lubbock at the age of 13, he soon discovered Ralph’s. Stapp started working part-time at the shop when he was 16, transitioning to full-time at 18. Immersed in the world of music and surrounded by the atmosphere he cherished, Stapp’s passion for music only grew. 

Today, Stapp not only carries on DeWitt’s legacy but contributes to Lubbock’s vibrant music scene as a musician himself. Playing the guitar in two bands, The Ducks and Whips N Kisses, Stapp has produced two albums, Static and The Earth Says Hello. 

Ralph’s Records Employees are Music Aficionados

Ralph’s Records prides itself on its knowledgeable and passionate staff who have been a huge part of the business and its evolution from the beginning. The store’s employees are music aficionados themselves, who can help guests find the perfect record and offer insightful recommendations. 

From its first location at 909 University Ave to its current one at 3322 82nd St, Ralph’s Records has stayed true to its brand and its customers. For more information, check out Ralph’s website and follow this Lubbock icon on Instagram at @ralphsrecords

“Lubbock is quietly becoming a mecca of development across the country.”

Brian Cook