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Behind Two Docs Brewing Co.

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Whoever has sipped on a perfectly crafted IPA or stout understands that brewing beer is a true work of art. In a city that boasts a robust arts community and burgeoning talent, renowned works take form in a variety of mediums including craft beer. With landscape that spans as far as the eye can see, the South Plains is an incubator for visionaries who foster the entrepreneurial spirit and have an eye for potential. Where humble roots grow into award-winning plants, interests can transform a community and pave the way to a budding industry.

As the up-and-coming craft beer scene takes center stage in Lubbock’s downtown, it is only fitting that Two Docs Brewing Co. is housed in the Cultural Arts District. What started as a hobby and love of beer for cousins Dr. Eric Cunningham and Dr. Tyson Purdy is now an urban production brewery in downtown.

Over the past decade, Lubbock’s downtown revitalization efforts have breathed new life into city by encouraging businesses to set up shop in the area. Today, the Cultural District serves as the heartbeat. Whether it’s constructing world-class venues or repurposing historic warehouses, the pulse of the 806 is felt through the meaning that each project amplifies.

After a lot of faith and prayer, the two cousins began sharing their brews with the public in 2019 after years spent perfecting the consistently refreshing beer we enjoy today. Since the days of home brewing in Tyson’s garage, their operations have expanded into what is rumored to be Buddy Holly’s former practice venue.

“Craft brew is a counterculture type movement that brings all types of people together, which is awesome,” Eric said. “I thought downtown should be a central location to bring all types of people together.”

Former Red Raiders, Tyson, who is from Muleshoe, Texas and brewed beer as a hobby through his medical school residency, joined forces with Eric, his cousin through marriage who grew up in the “Hub City,” after they both completed their medical and veterinarian training. What has predominantly been known to be left-brained dominant professions, the two docs maximize their creative side when designing the flavor profile, alcohol content and color that makes up each ale and lager.

As beer drinkers make their way to the front doors of the building, their mantra, “Beer is Art” hangs proud for all to see.

“Just like an artist or a musician might come up with a song or a painting, you have to take that idea from your head, and, in this case, we are putting it in a glass to enjoy it,” he said. “One of the things that got me wanting to brew in the first place was the idea that you can take a flavor profile and put it in a glass after a lot of effort, time and hard work. Four weeks later you can measure it to what your original thought was and then grade yourself on how well you did. Sometimes it wasn’t exactly what you’d like, but sometimes like in art the product you got is better than you intended it to be.”

Their precision and attention to detail have been a driving force for success in both the clinic and taproom. Not only have they garnered a cult following, but they have revolutionized the craft beer scene in Lubbock. During a time when craft beer was on the rise in major metroplexes, Two Docs Brewing Co. has taken the local community by storm.

For more, listen to Eric Cunningham’s story on “Hub City Spokes” anywhere you can listen to podcasts.

“I believe Lubbock is in a sweet spot… for business in [agriculture, distribution, and oil and gas.] We’ve got great roads, a remarkable cost of living. We’ve got good schools, a great quality of life and a vibrant arts scene.”

Dan Pope
Former Mayor of Lubbock