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Lubbock Ranked the Top City

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Lubbock offers a wide variety of career prospects for graduates across various fields. The city’s vibrant economy, anchored by a thriving healthcare sector, offers graduates a plethora of job prospects and the potential for professional growth. Many businesses, both new and established, are coming to Lubbock offering new jobs to the community. Over the past five years our local business community grew by nearly 10,000 jobs and is expected to continue to increase in the coming years. Companies such as Leprino Foods, X-Fab, Dura-Line, and more, are creating hundreds of jobs for both entry-level and experienced professionals, making it simple for graduates to begin their careers. 

Lubbock was also ranked as one of the best cities for remote workers in 2023. No matter the job, Lubbock offers a plethora of opportunities resulting in the lowest rate for unemployment from SmartAsset analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau

Additionally, the below-average cost of living in Lubbock offers an attainable lifestyle for recent graduates. According to the Council for Community and Economic Research (2017 Annual Report), Lubbock’s overall cost of living index is 91.5%. Nationally, Lubbock is ranked 93rd for the lowest cost of living and 16th in the state of Texas. As a result of this low cost of living, new graduates benefit from a higher standard of living at a lower cost than almost anywhere else in the nation, allowing their dollar to be stretched further here.

From the dynamic art scene to hundreds of restaurants and bars, Lubbock offers recent graduates a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle. The tight-knit community fosters a sense of belonging and provides numerous cultural and recreational activities, including renowned museums, live music venues, and so much more. Lubbock becomes an irresistible choice for college graduates looking for a dynamic, affordable, and welcoming city to embark on their postgraduate journey.

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Recent college graduates are beginning to enter the workforce and Lubbock, Texas tops the list of metro areas for grads to start their new career in a recent report from SmartAsset. The financial technology company analyzed the U.S. Census and MIT data to find the top metro areas for the class of 2023 based on three factors: jobs, affordability, and fun. 

“We are stronger together.”

Dan Pope
Former Mayor of Lubbock