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Lubbock Named in 2023’s Best Cities

for Remote Workers

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In a recent study conducted by LawnStarter, which ranked 2023’s Best Cities for Remote Workers, Lubbock was found to be in the top 100 cities for remote workers. LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on a range of 20 factors that make a city optimal for remote work. These include financial incentives, earning potential, workspace availability, connectivity, affordability, safety and additional amenities. While it’s no secret to locals that Lubbock checks all of the boxes, prospective residents may need more insight into why the “Hub City” is the ideal location to work from home.

After reviewing locations that offer many of the same amenities one can find in a larger market like New York City, Seattle or San Francisco, growing metros like Lubbock, Texas provide similar benefits at a fraction of the cost. The “Hub City” takes pride in its consistent below-average cost of living. In fact, the city was ranked in the top 15 most affordable cities of the 200 analyzed.

What does this mean for you? Purchasing a home in Lubbock is attainable, as well as the costs associated with home ownership like utilities and wireless internet. In fact, AT&T offers 5G speed to its customers. In West Texas, your dollar will take you farther than it does in places like California or on the East Coast, making the American Dream more attainable here.  

Being the hub of West Texas for a number of sectors including retail, surrounding rural communities rely heavily on Lubbock’s resources. With an MSA of nearly 300,000, Lubbock continues to be recognized by large corporations like Amazon. Lubbock is also the hub of technology, offering a plethora of job opportunities and resources for tech professionals.

One of the many perks of working from home is the ability to ditch the morning commute. Gone are the days of sitting in traffic! Although, Lubbock’s average daily commute is only 15 minutes. Take this time to meet friends for a work lunch, take your pup for a walk, or spend time with family. Luckily, Lubbock boasts many parks, dog parks and walking trails throughout the city. 

Looking for a change of scenery throughout your day? For a boost of inspiration and creativity, move your office to a local coffee shop or shared working space. As the home of Texas Tech University, the “Hub City” is no stranger to working offsite. In fact, many small businesses are equipped with internet speed, workspace and delicious food to fuel your afternoon offsite. 

As the “Hub City,” Lubbock continues to be recognized by national chains and other restaurants. Not only do we have our fair share of well-known eateries, but the culinary scene is also hot as it boats a plethora of local restaurants including Picoso’s, Thai Pepper and Stella’s – all in which offer delivery service either independently or through a third-party company like Doordash or Favor. So long are the nights working late without any food! Delicious TexMex can be right at your door with contactless delivery while you sit inside hard at work. 

Still need to travel for business? Lubbock offers access to cities across the country with United, American and Southwest flying out of  Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. Attending a conference, visiting corporate or going on an assignment isn’t as far away as one might think. Located five minutes from downtown and a maximum of 20 minutes from anywhere in the city, the ease of access to the airport, and not to mention the short security lines, creates a smooth start to any trip. 

Today, the opportunities of remote work are endless in Lubbock, Texas. As you consider your options, choose a place where your professional and personal growth is limitless. And, you’ll find the West Texas way of living to be the ideal place for a well-balanced life. 

Why work from home when you can work from Lubbock, Texas? 

“We need to prepare our workforce for the jobs available today. We have great jobs available today”

Dan Pope
Former Mayor of Lubbock