Veterans United, the number one Veterans Affairs (VA) lender in the nation, recently named Lubbock among the Top 50 Cities for Veterans to Live in 2018! A below-average cost of living, an above-average median income for veterans and affordable housing can be attributed to earning this accolade. 

To find which cities have the best resources for veterans to be successful, Veterans United analyzed the Top 100 Most Populated Cities in the country in four areas: economic wellness, employment, VA benefits and quality of life for veterans. After carefully examining each city’s cost of living, veteran employment rate, median income, access to VA health facilities and other key variables, the findings deemed Lubbock as the 19th best city in the nation for veterans!  

Lubbock has the resources to set up veterans for success. With easy access to many options for higher education and a growing economy that is followed by job growth, veterans are given the opportunity to succeed. Not to mention, Lubbock averages zero homeless veterans per 1,000 veterans. The “Hub City” is a great place for veterans to call home. 

The cost of living at 84% is another great benefit to life in Lubbock. Low expenses foster an environment for all residents in Lubbock to maximize their earnings and ensure that the majority of their income is not being spent on housing. In fact, only 28% of Lubbockites’ incomes go toward rent or other housing costs, making the American dream more attainable for our fellow service women and men. 

The transition from military to civilian life can be a stressful one, but Lubbock has resources to aide a smoother experience for both the veteran and their family. Lubbock’s ability to provide the building blocks for a comfortable life after service are just one of the many reasons why you should keep Lubbock, Texas in your mind as you transition back!