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Lubbock Economic Development Alliance Announces

New Jobs & Capital Investment

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Lubbock Economic Development Alliance Announced
323 New Jobs & $14.9M in Capital Investment

The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) announced the creation of 323 new jobs and $14.9 million in capital investment at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Texas Pipe & Machine LLC, a machine shop that specializes in the oil and gas tubular repair services, announced $9 million in capital investment for its new building manufacturing PE Casing Threads. Along with the capital investment, the company is adding 35 new employees.

VXI Global Solutions, which designs and supports customer engagement platforms, is creating 200 new jobs after their announcement in March of the first 200 positions. These jobs will assist with a new platform for the company as well as customer retention efforts at the call center. In addition to the jobs, VXI Global Solutions invested $750,000 in updates to the facility creating a better work/life balance for their employees.

SIMFLO is a vertical turbine and submersible turbine manufacturer that was founded in 1951.  The recent growth experienced by SIMFLO led to the inception of Simmons Pump & Supply, which will serve as SIMFLO’s primary distributor of submersible pumps, parts, and accessories, to all of their customers in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  Simmons Pump & Supply will add 17 new jobs with a capital investment of $2.8 million for their new 18,000 square-foot facility.  SIMFLO will continue to be a global manufacturer and distributer of over 75 different types of submersible & vertical turbine pumps.

“With all of these changes and improvements, we appreciate the support that LEDA, Mayor Dan Pope, and other personnel within the City of Lubbock have provided us,” said Troy Pickering, vice president of sales and marketing for SIMFLO. “Furthermore, LEDA has been a great resource to us throughout the entire process of constructing the new facility for Simmons Pump and Supply.”

As a manufacturer of cotton gins, Lummus Corporation is experiencing significant growth at the Lubbock Business Park. The company announced 21 new employees at an average pay rate of $18 per hour along with a capital investment of $385,000 in new equipment.

Republic National Distributing Company, which distributes wine and spirits, will add 10 jobs, including warehouse associates, sales representatives and managers. Along with the new jobs, the company made a $2 million capital investment in a new sorting system and upgraded software systems.

Recognized as the Distribution Center of the Year for 2018-19, Hector Villegas, Distribution Center Manager for O’ Reilly Auto Parts, discussed the success and growth of his team. Adding 40 new jobs to the center, he noted O’Reilly’s wages, healthy work environment and store openings as having played a large role in the center’s success.

John Osborne, CEO and President of LEDA, said the expansion of these six companies proves Lubbock is a place where people want to work and where businesses want to be.

“To announce six companies expanding with a total of 323 new jobs and $14.9 million in capital investment is a reflection of the desirability of our community and serves as an indicator of the success that is to come,” said Osborne.

Download Press Release:
Lubbock Economic Development Alliance Announced 323 New Jobs & 14.9M in Capital Investment

“We are centered primarily around workforce to ensure we have a future trained workforce available for our businesses.”

John Osborne
Lubbock Economic Development Alliance