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Lubbock Economic Development Alliance

Announced 302 New Jobs and $5 million in Capital Investment

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(LUBBOCK) – The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) announced the expansion of two businesses during a press conference on Wednesday adding 302 jobs and $5 million in capital investment in the Lubbock community. The businesses which were announced during the press conference include Corteva, Inc. and AT&T.

As one of the nation’s leading cell service providers, AT&T is experiencing significant growth in Lubbock. To keep up, the company is expanding its call center located off North Loop 289 in the XFAB building. The company announced 300 new jobs to be created as a result of this expansion.

“We are excited to announce, and look forward to, the opportunities this call center expansion will offer the citizens of Lubbock,” said Fred Maldonado, regional vice president of external and legislative affairs at AT&T Texas. “Our company is thankful to LEDA for its valuable support in helping us with the growth of AT&T in the Lubbock community.”

Corteva Agriscience, an agricultural chemical and seed company, will be expanding the current facility for the Corteva Seed Research Center investing $5 million and adding two jobs. The expansion will accommodate additional efforts on multi-crop breeding and testing. This facility will serve as the hub of the Rolling Plains, High Plains, and the Panhandle of Texas and will have a major focus on cotton, corn and sorghum.

John Osborne, CEO and President of LEDA, said the announcement today is an indicator of the success that is to come as LEDA continues to pursue projects that serve as a conduit for future growth in Lubbock.

“The expansion of these two companies in our community is a reflection of the momentous growth happening in Lubbock,” said Osborne. “New job creation paired with our ready and skilled workforce not only provides more opportunities for our citizens but also promotes long-term economic prosperity.”

Click here to download the press release.

“We are centered primarily around workforce to ensure we have a future trained workforce available for our businesses.”

John Osborne
Lubbock Economic Development Alliance