About Lubbock Coding Academy

LEDA has partnered with South Plains College, Texas Tech University and Austin Coding Academy, to open Lubbock Coding Academy in Spring of 2019. Classes for the 9-month coding program will be offered at the new South Plains College Lubbock Center. The curriculum will range in skill levels from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Lubbock Coding Academy is currently working with its second and third cohort of students and accepting enrollment for its fourth cohort beginning Fall 2019.

“Austin Coding Academy is very happy to partner with LEDA, TTU, and SPC in order to provide computer programming education to the people of Lubbock and to supply Lubbock businesses with talented developers,”
-Chris Lofton, CEO of Austin Coding Academy.

In order to meet the growing demand for coding technical skills in Lubbock, LEDA and its educational partners use developmental training to address the programming needs of regional businesses. Upon completion, coders are prepared for a junior developer position with potential earnings of $65,000 upon completion of the program, and eventually earning up to six figures. 

Over the past few years, Lubbock has been well-positioned to meet the needs of our evergrowing technology industry. The high demand for technical jobs allows for a continually thriving workforce where entry-level and experienced positions are readily available. Coders have the potential to work in more than the technology industry. With growing IT needs in any sector of work and being the hub of technology in West Texas, students have unlimited potential in the “Hub City”.

“Lubbock is expanding its local industry sectors and collaborating with partners to equip our workforce with the technical skills needed in today’s business climate,”
– John Osborne, CEO

Payment Options

  • Lubbock Coding Academy Payment Plan (Budget Option)
    • With our new payment plan, students can get started with Lubbock Coding Academy for an initial cost of just $490. After classes begin, bi-weekly payments of $250 for 9 months will be made. There is no interest and no penalty for prepayment.
  • Pay-As-You-Go (Flexible Option)
    •  Full tuition of $5,960 covers one eight-week session. Students may choose to pay as they go at $1,490 per class.
  • Financing via Texas Tech Credit Union
    • Financing tuition options through Texas Tech Credit Union’s “Lubbock Coding Academy Loan” are also available.  Students apply through the credit union and once accepted a $490 deposit is required. Monthly payments toward tuition loans are immediately required. Learn more on Texas Tech Credit Union’s website.
  • Employer Paid Tuition Reimbursement Grants
    • LEDA disbursements are characterized as “reimbursable grants”. Tuition must be paid by the employer upfront and proof of the full tuition payment is required for reimbursement.
    • An employer applicant is eligible to receive a training grant per module per employee trained.
    • Training expenses eligible for reimbursement must relate to the training provided by coding training entities with operations in Lubbock and will be paid upon documented successful completion of a coding module(s).
    • LEDA will provide reimbursement grants up to 50% of the tuition cost for each module the employee completes, up to $1,000 per module ($4,000.00 maximum per employee).