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Three Entrepreneur Teams at the Texas Tech University Innovation Hub

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Texas Tech’s Innovation Hub is a community of innovation that offers a transformative experience through the iCorps competition, iLaunch competition, and Accelerator Program. These initiatives enable individuals to make a positive impact on their community, empower innovative ideas and enable them to connect, collaborate, and grow as business leaders and individuals.

Nutritional scientists, clinical dietitians, and a hospitality specialist, Allison Childress, Shannon Galyan, and Michelle Alcorn, from Texas Tech University, have embarked on a groundbreaking venture, 3 CulinaryMed Docs. With 35 years of combined experience in the field of nutrition and a shared passion for helping individuals improve their health, they have developed an innovative approach to medical care by integrating culinary medicine into their practice. Through their dedication and expertise, they aim to empower people to make healthy choices and transform their lives.

In 2020, the trio began their research in culinary medicine intervention, focusing on maintaining the taste and pleasure of food while promoting health. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, their practice had to adapt to remote consultations. This challenge led them to explore new avenues, and they started producing educational videos in the form of cooking shows. This shift proved to be remarkable, as it allowed them to reach a wider audience and provide food education online, emphasizing that “food is medicine.”

Building on their success, Allison, Shannon, and Michelle are now developing an innovative food medicine app called SAM. Set to launch in spring 2024, SAM aims to deliver personalized culinary medicine information to clients. The app will feature the creation of customized eight-week meal plans tailored to specific health conditions and goals. To enhance user experience and engagement, SAM will include over 700 recipes, each accompanied by a two-minute video demonstrating the cooking process. Additionally, the app will offer cooking skills tutorials and educational videos that explain the individual functions of various foods, such as how fiber promotes a feeling of fullness.

The app will be accessible to everyone, free of charge, ensuring that people can benefit from the expertise of dietitians, which they might not have access to in another setting. By removing financial barriers, the 3 CulinaryMed Docs team aims to empower individuals to take charge of their health and make informed dietary choices. A subscription version of the app will be available, offering additional features including a grocery list available to download.

The team competed at both the regional and national levels of the iCorps competition, highlighting the significance of their innovative approach to managing chronic disease. After winning people’s choice at the iLaunch competition held at the Texas Tech University Innovation Hub, the three PhD’s applied for and were accepted into the Accelerator Program, where they are further refining their vision and developing strategies for future growth.

“We couldn’t have done this without the support of the Innovation Hub,” said Shannon Galyan. “The support of the community and the mentors is invaluable.”

The Pontos Packable Kayak is the result of Adam Muslow’s relentless pursuit of his passion. What initially began as a hobby quickly evolved into a full-fledged business venture. Starting off with gathering parts from a hardware store, Muslow gradually transitioned into utilizing 3D printing technology to perfect the production process. Today, he works with a distributor to bring the Pontos Packable Kayak to outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Designed with innovation and mobility in mind, this fabric shell collapsible kayak weighs only 7 pounds and folds up into a small tent size, making it incredibly portable and convenient to transport.

The inspiration for the Pontos Packable Kayak struck Muslow one day as he was riding around the canyon lakes. He recognized the limitations of traditional kayaks that required additional gear and transportation due to their size and hard shells. Determined to find a solution, he embarked on extensive research and discovered that there was nothing like the Pontos Packable Kayak on the market. To bring his vision to life, he sought guidance and expertise from a former REI senior gear designer, who was astounded by the innovation and uniqueness of Muslow’s creation

At the beginning of his venture, Pontons reached a significant milestone with a successful crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo. This campaign not only provided the necessary funds but also served as a testament to the demand and excitement surrounding his product.

Muslow and his team didn’t stop at crowdfunding success; they aimed higher. Inspired by their early achievements, they started actively looking for investors to take their innovation to the next level. Through a friend’s recommendation, they discovered the Innovation Hub and competed in the iLaunch program, where they won first place. This program was instrumental in helping them refine their pitch and gain valuable insights towards perfecting their product.

Motivated by their favorable iLaunch experience, Muslow applied to the Accelerator Program and was accepted. In this program, he was awarded additional funding along with access to mentors, business classes, and office space. The rigorous application process required them to create an extensive and comprehensive business plan, ensuring that they had a solid foundation for success.

Muslow has always had a deep connection with the water and the outdoors. Growing up in Georgia, he developed a love for water sand nature. When he moved to Lubbock during his teenage years, he found a vibrant community and decided to pursue his education at Texas Tech University.

“I found more reasons to stay in Lubbock than leave,” he said.

With a background in graphic design, Muslow was able to create a unique and captivating logo that represents Pontos, a name derived from the Greek god of the sea. The inclusion of a crab in their logo is a nod to the Greek depiction of Pontos with crab claws.

HiPR is a revolutionary startup that aims to tackle the issue of pressure ulcers, a painful and costly injury, through their innovative high-pressure relief technology. Inspired by the experience of a paralyzed family member, the sibling duo Krishan Sachdev and Koushalya Sachdev have designed, tested, and patented a smart wheelchair cushion to relieve high-pressure points and prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers.

What sets HiPR apart is their unique approach to addressing this issue. Initially, Krishan and Koushalya didn’t start with a startup in mind, but as they shared their idea with others, they received encouragement and support that pushed them to further develop their innovative cushion. With the guidance of great mentors, they have created a product that is truly innovative and unlike anything else currently available on the market.

Krishan, a medical student at Texas Tech University School of Medicine, and Koushalya, a medical student at UTMB Galveston, bring their medical expertise and passion for patient care to the development of HiPR. Their dedication and commitment have been recognized through their success in the iLaunch competition, where they secured first place and obtained the funding necessary to create a prototype.

Following the success, HiPR was accepted into the Accelerator Program, which speaks to the potential and promise of their product. With a remote team of four individuals, they are working to bring their vision to life. Though originally from Austin, Texas, the founders have found support in Lubbock, which they consider a hidden gem in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Currently, HiPR is in the manufacturing phase and actively collaborating with medical institutions to solidify partnerships in order to conduct further product testing. With a projected completion timeline of six to eight months, their cutting-edge medical device is well on its way to transforming the lives of individuals at risk of developing pressure ulcers.

One of HiPR’s ultimate goals is to have insurance providers cover the cost of their device, ensuring it is accessible to those who need it most. Their mission is to offer the HiPR cushion to patients at no cost, as they recognize the significant impact it can have on preventing injury. Studies suggest that two out of three patients are subject to pressure ulcers, highlighting the urgent need for effective preventative solutions like HiPR.

Whether it’s integrating culinary medicine into medical care, crafting a portable kayak, or revolutionizing pressure ulcer prevention, these individuals have made a lasting impact on their communities by following their passions and collaborating to create meaningful solutions. For more inspiring entrepreneurial stories, visit

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