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From the Silicon Valley to the South Plains, one tech enterprise found its place among the Lubbock digital technology and medical sector. Hoverstate, a digital innovation and transformation corporation with over 10 years of business in six cities across the country and around the world, services med-tech clients such as the pharmaceutical industry, biotech, health insurance carriers, hospital groups and medical companies. Hoverstate is a leading developer in mobile apps, CRM systems, customer engagements and applications. 

When Rob Fauver, chief strategies officer and managing partner of Hoverstate, first stepped off of the plane at the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, a world of possibilities came to him. But, first, he needed to find transportation to his hotel. The next thirty minutes were arguably the most impactful to the decision to move his business to the “Hub City”. While waiting for an Uber, Fauver was offered a ride by a few locals. After a 20-minute drive to his hotel, he was convinced that Lubbock was made of salt-of-the-earth people and was taken by the local charm. 

Not only was the city welcoming, but it also offered a plethora of opportunities for the growing company that couldn’t be beaten. With access to Texas Tech University and its rich pool of talent entering the workforce, Fauver and his team were highly impressed with the potential of expanding in Lubbock. 

As a centrally located, mid-sized city in the United States, Lubbock was a top contender for an upcoming expansion and relocation and checked off all of the boxes. Being a cost-competitive community, Lubbock’s economy is an attractive attribute for any CEO. The “Hub City” has consistently remained below the national average of unemployment and cost of living. In fact, Lubbock is currently ranked in the top 10 mid-sized cities for economic growth potential!

Over the past few decades, revitalization efforts in downtown Lubbock set the stage for business development and quality of life aspects, such as breweries and the arts, to flourish. Whether it be a vibrant entertainment district, a grant program for business owners in the area or the many talented and local artists showcasing their work in the Cultural Arts District, downtown revitalization remains a high priority for the city. This is one reason why Hoverstate moved into the center of downtown, choosing a building with a rich history and a bright future. 

As previously mentioned, the quality of life can’t be beaten. There’s a reason individuals who move to West Texas stay here. With easy access to travel via the international airport and major intersecting highways as well as being the hub of West Texas, there is plenty to draw one in. Not to mention, the average 17-minute commute time and dynamic culture. Lubbock is an unexpected metro that is continuously growing and is eager to welcome business growth into our community. 
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“Jobs are what it’s all about. It’s about good jobs… It’s why our efforts around workforce development make so much sense… It is about the American dream.”

Dan Pope
Former Mayor of Lubbock