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Fourteen Businesses Make Investments in Downtown and LEDA

Awards Two East Side Grants

Home » Fourteen Businesses Make Investments in Downtown and LEDA Awards Two East Side Grants

Renovations for art, healthcare, hospitality and retail businesses are among the 16 grants awarded during the 2018-19 fiscal year and announced by Market Lubbock, Inc. during a press conference Wednesday morning. Within those grants, Market Lubbock awarded the first two east side grants to Hump Investments and Parkway Place Lubbock along with three downtown grants to Damascus Road Downtown, Veritas Medical and Charles Adams Studio Project.

East Side Lubbock Grants

  • Hump Investments, at the direction of Mr. Terry Humphrey, renovated the property at 1708 E. 4th St. with both permittable and facade grants. The improvements to the building include new spray foam on the roof, a new parking lot and new surface to the facade wall totaling $71,000 in capital investment.
  • Parkway Place Lubbock, LLC, led by Gill Holdings and North & East Lubbock Investment Inc., renovated the building at 1826 Parkway Drive with new drywall, doors, windows, metal framing, electrical work and more adding to $102,203 in capital investment.

Downtown Lubbock Grants

  • Damascus Road Downtown, LLC, owned by Allen Carson and Kirk Noles, renovated their building at 1306 Broadway totaling $89,603 in capital investment with updates that included some site demolition, plumbing, electrical and HVAC.
  • Veritas Medical, a holistic medical practice, renovated the building at 1316 Texas Ave. with both permittable and facade grants totaling $998,092 in capital investment. The permittable grant included updates to comply with code for a clinic with a new elevator, fire suppression system, electrical and HVAC upgrades along with new lighting. The facade grant included updates such as opening the existing facade and infilling with new metal work, allowing a view into the courtyard and clinic, repairing and refinishing the existing wall, installing a new gate and installing trees and brick pavers.
Veritas (before)
Veritas (after)
  • Charles Adams Gallery, a nonprofit arts organization founded by Charles Adams, with the help of Margaret Talkington, serves as a working artists’ community offering 800 square foot climate-controlled artist work studios at 408 Ave. J. The permittable and facade grants included new building construction with site grading, concrete, plumbing, HVAC and electrical work totaling $365,000 in capital investment.
  • For the 2018-19 fiscal year, Market Lubbock, Inc. awarded 11 other grants in downtown including: Flips 806, LLC, Raldco Development, LLC, Valencia Hotel Group, Chappell, Lanehart & Stangl, P.C., Blankenship Law Office, MCM Elegante, V-tech Environmental Services, Century House Redemption, and Juxtaposh.

    Flips 806 (before)
    Flips 806 (after)

    “It was a pleasure working with everyone at LEDA while we were renovating our new office downtown,” said Dr. Ben Edwards, owner of Veritas Medical. “Jorge made the entire process very simple, smooth and straight forward. This grant program was a huge help and definitely allowed us to make the move to downtown and create the type of space we needed to what our business requires.”

    Since the inception of the downtown and east side programs, Market Lubbock, Inc. awarded 42 grants for businesses to redevelop properties in their respective areas.

    “Within the past three years, we’ve seen enormous success with our downtown grant program and decided to continue that model in other areas of Lubbock,” said John Osborne, President and CEO of Lubbock Economic Development Alliance and Market Lubbock. “The purpose of these grants is to encourage business owners in downtown Lubbock and East Lubbock to reinvest in their properties for the continued development of Lubbock.”

    If you are interested in learning more about Market Lubbock’s downtown and east side grant programs, please contact Jorge Quirino, manager of downtown and special projects for LEDA and Market Lubbock, at 800.687.5330. To read more about other businesses investing in downtown, visit

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    “There are a lot of attractive factors in Lubbock. And, I think they are going to bring other companies to Lubbock. Other technology companies. Lubbock has so much to offer.”

    Brian Cook
    FAST Inc.