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71 New Jobs & $24M in Capital Investment

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The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) announced the creation of 71 new jobs and $24 million in capital investment at a press conference Friday afternoon. The additional jobs and investment come as a result of a company locating their operations in Lubbock. Superior Pipe Products, LLC, a manufacturer of pipe products used in agriculture, municipal, and other industries, will open a new facility in the “Hub City” estimated at $24 million in capital investment.

This facility will add 71 highly-skilled jobs over the next five years. “We evaluated several locations in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma,” said Jason Current, executive vice president for Superior Pipe Products. “Our requirements included being centrally located for distribution, a strong workforce and most importantly a stable growth-minded community where we can flourish. LEDA has been helpful every step of the way, and Superior Pipe Products, LLC. looks forward to building our new facility in Lubbock.”

“We are centered primarily around workforce to ensure we have a future trained workforce available for our businesses.”

John Osborne
Lubbock Economic Development Alliance