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Bricks & Minifigs Lubbock

The Hub City’s First Official LEGO Store

Bricks & Minifigs Lubbock

Opened in December 2023 by Cristina Escobedo, Bricks & Minifigs Lubbock is the Hub City’s first official LEGO store. Here, enthusiasts can explore an array of both new and pre-owned LEGO sets, alongside an extensive selection of individual LEGO components and minifigures. Furthermore, Bricks & Minifigs offers the opportunity for individuals to sell their own LEGO creations in exchange for cash, credit or trade.

Cristina’s journey to founding Bricks & Minifigs Lubbock all started with a single Lego set. Originally from Anton, Texas, she moved to Albuquerque at the age of 17 years and went on to graduate from the University of New Mexico with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in 2000. Then in 2007, Cristina moved to Lubbock to be closer to family and continued to work in the pharmacy field. However, after buying a LEGO set for her and her son thinking it would be fun to build together, Cristina was hooked. She hyperfocused on her new hobby and a year later opened Bricks & Minifigs because she recognized a need for this type of store in Lubbock.

Events, Classes & Camps 

Bricks & Minifigs Lubbock curates a variety of events for both children and adults. Twice a month, parents can enjoy a well-deserved break during Parents Night Out, while their children are entertained with snacks and activities. Additionally, their monthly build classes and competitions offer participants the chance to learn new building techniques and unleash their creativity. 

Soon, Bricks & Minifigs will expand its offerings to include immersive experiences such as LEGO robotics and stop-motion animation classes, as well as hosting summer camps for aspiring LEGO enthusiasts.  

Party & Event Space

With dedicated party rooms and spacious event areas available for rent, Bricks & Minifigs Lubbock serves as the ideal venue for various celebrations. From corporate team-building events to kids’ birthday parties, Cristina hopes to foster an inclusive environment where all are welcome. 

“Our goal is not only to be a place to buy LEGO products but a place to have an experience,” Cristina said. “We want our customers to leave our store having learned something new or have created memories with family and friends.  If you have an event that needs to be planned, we want you to think of us.”

Raider Red & Centennial Champion LEGOs

In an effort to connect with the community further, Cristina collaborated with Texas Tech University to develop a Raider Red LEGO minifigure. 

“Raider Red is such a big part of Lubbock that I thought having an officially licensed product would be great for the community,” Cristina said.” We went through all the proper channels to get the licensing for our Raider Red and hope to soon have different variations of him.” 

After producing the Raider Red LEGO minifigure, Cristina and her team worked to build a Centennial Champion LEGO as well to add to the Texas Tech University LEGO collection. 

Why Lubbock 

When asked why she chose Lubbock for her business, Cristina stressed the fact that the Lubbock people and other small business owners are incredibly inviting. 

“Being a business owner is stressful but knowing that you have a community that wants to see you succeed makes it much easier to handle the everyday hurdles,” Cristina said. “Lubbock feels like a small community even though it is a large city and we are beyond grateful for the reception we have received.” 

To learn more about Bricks & Minifigs Lubbock, visit their website at

Being a business owner is stressful but knowing that you have a community that wants to see you succeed makes it much easier to handle the everyday hurdles.

Cristina Escobedo, Owner of Bricks & Minifigs Lubbock