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Brewed Awakening Coffee Lounge

Nov 13, 2023 / Jillian Guinn

Brewed Awakening Coffee Lounge Opened in September 2023, Brewed Awakening Coffee Lounge has quickly become a local favorite. What started with the intention of fostering conversations over specialty drinks quickly became a creative upscale lounge, unlike any other in the Hub City.  This unique coffee lounge features fresh pressed juice, chef-prepared cuisine and a variety of drinks and lattes.  As the atmosphere is a priority, the shop offers an aesthetically pleasing vibe with the thoughtful inclusion of hand-crafted, hand-painted ceramic tile imported from Turkey displayed on their bar. More

Yung Cry Baby | A Lubbock, Texas Interdisciplinary Artist

Jul 11, 2023 / Jillian Guinn

Yung Cry Baby A Lubbock, Texas Interdisciplinary Artist Aaliyah Limon, otherwise known as Yung Cry Baby, is a Lubbock, Texas interdisciplinary artist who prides herself on community, music and inclusion.  Aaliyah was born and raised here in the LBK. She attended Frenship High School where she participated in a program that allowed her to graduate with a high school degree and an Associate of Art from South Plains College (SPC).  After high school, Aaliyah traveled to both coasts and found herself in Los Angeles, California as a professional model. More