Take advantage of the Lubbock region’s labor force of more than 207,755, including approximately 53,000 college graduates each year. In addition, Lubbock’s cost of doing business continues to rank as one of the lowest cities in the nation. As a pro-business community, Lubbock also has some of the most competitive wage rates, affordable land, cost of living, property taxes and other business-related costs in the state. The following data makes it easy to see why Lubbock is a great place to do business.

  • 207,755 Skilled Workers

    There is no doubt about it – Lubbock’s greatest strength is its educated, diverse and skilled workforce. West Texans are known for their strong work ethic, innovative processes and entrepreneurial spirit. To learn more, visit Lubbock Workforce.

  • 53,000 College Students

    The Lubbock labor pool is refreshed annually with 10,000 college graduates. More than 53,000 college students are currently enrolled in higher education institutions in Lubbock. Approximately 29 percent of area residents over 25 years of age have a college degree or higher. To learn more, visit Lubbock Universities.

     USATexasLubbock MSALubbock CountyLubbock City
    Source: Environics Analytics, 9.24.18
    Population, 2018 Estimate326,533,07028,531,603320,692308,884256,417
    High School or Less, No Diploma13.0%17.7%15.4%14.8%14.7%
    High School Diploma or GED27.6%25.3%27.7%27.7%26.9%
    Some College20.9%22.1%24.4%24.4%24.8%
    Associate's Degree8.2%6.8%6.5%6.5%6.5%
    Bacherlor's Degree18.8%18.5%16.2%16.4%16.6%
    Advanced Degree11.5%9.6%9.8%10.2%10.5%
  • 1,000+ Acres of LEDA-Owned Land

    LEDA owns more than 1,000 acres of land within the Lubbock Business Park and Lubbock Rail Port, which can be offered as an incentive to help relocate qualifying businesses. To learn more, visit Lubbock Business Park.

Commuter Traffic Patterns

Four out of every five residents of the Lubbock MSA lives in the city of Lubbock itself. As a result, long-distance commuting patterns in the larger three-county MSA are not especially significant.

In 2014, an average of about 93,915 residents of the city of Lubbock also claimed the city as their place of work. Another 38,220 people work in the city but live elsewhere. Outbound commuting is up modestly over the past decade. About 24,850 residents of Lubbock are employed outside the city limits.
(Source: On the Map 2014)

Looking at commuting patterns by industry reinforces the strength of Lubbock as a regional center for West Texas and the South Plains. The city draws in large numbers of workers in education, health care, retail trade and restaurants/bars/hotels.

In only a few economic sectors do employment patterns lean more to net outbound commuting. This occurs to some extent in oil/gas/mining, agriculture and construction.

Employment Sectors

Overall job levels stalled in each of the last recessions but did not take the sharp dive experienced in other places. By 2011, Lubbock had replaced most of the jobs lost during the recessions year of 2009. The pace of job growth in the years ahead is expected to be closely on par with pre-recession years.

Two relatively stable economic sectors, health care, and education, provide one-quarter (25%) of the Lubbock MSA’s total employment.

It is worth reiterating that Lubbock is the largest urban center serving the vast rural area of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. In this capacity, the city services – from retail stores to health care specialties to professional services – are expected to be in relatively high demand

Industry Certifications

One of the biggest priorities that most businesses have when considering expansion or relocation of their business is whether or not a prospective location has infrastructure and programs in place to train new or existing employees. Without a doubt, Lubbock delivers. With a number of facilities that teach the newest techniques in a wide array of technical jobs, all prospective businesses should have no problem getting existing and potential employees trained and certified. Lubbock also offers highly trained graduates of these programs to any business looking to expand its operations.

  • South Plains College

    For more information or to enroll in any of the programs below, click here.

    Automotive/DieselAutomotive Collision Repair Basic Skills Certification Automotive Technology Advanced Skills CertificationAutomotive Technology Basic Skills Certification
    Automotive Technology Fundamental Skills Certification
    Automotive Technology Associate, AASDiesel Equipment
    Diesel Service Technology Associate, AAS
    Diesel Transportation Certification
    Diesel- Basic Diesel Technology Certification
    Business/AccountingAccounting Associate Certificate & Accounting Associate, AASBusiness Management CertificateGeneral Business CertificateBusiness Associate, AAS
    Office AdministrationOffice Administration Advanced CertificateOffice Administration Certificate of Proficiency
    Office Administration Customer Service Representatice Certificate
    Office Administration Associate, AAS
    Computer ProgramsComputer Information Systems Admin Certification
    Computer Information Systems Cyber Security Certification
    Computer Information Systems Networking CertificationComputer Information Systems Programming Certification
    Computer Information Systems Technician Certification
    Computer Information Systems Associate, AAS
    Computer Aided Drafting and Design, AAS
    Paralegal StudiesParalegal Studies CertificationParalegal Studies Associate, AAS
    Commercial MusicCommercial Music Advanced Performance CertificationCommercial Music Entertainment Business CertificationCommercial Music Performance CertificationCommercial Music Associate, AAS
    Design CommunicationsGraphic Arts- Advanced- CertificationGraphic Arts Software Skills CertificationGraphic Arts Associate, AAS
    Heating, AC, and RefrigerationHART Commercial Refrigeration Air Conditioning Technician Certification
    HART Residential Air Conditioning Installation Technician Certification
    Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology Associate, AAS
    Real EstateReal Estate Occupational Skills AwardReal Estate Salesmanship CertificationReal Estate Associate, AAS
    Sound TechnologySound Reinforcement CertifcationSound Technology Enhanced Skills CertificationSound Technolocy Associate, AAS
    Sound Technolocy- Fundamentals of Sound Technology Certification
    Technical Graphics & DesignComputer Aided Drafting and Design Advanced CAD Technician Certification
    Computer Aided Drafting and Design Basic CAD Technician Certification
    Computer Aided Drafting and Design Associate, AAS
    Video Production TechnologyCinema and Video Production Advanced Certification Cinema and Video Production Basic Skills Certification
    Cinema and Video Production Enhanced Skills Certfication
    Cinema and Video Production Associate, AAS
    WeldingWelding Technology Advanced Processes CertificationWelding Technology Basic Processes CertificationWelding Technology Associate, AAS
    CosmetologyCosmetology Certification Cosmetology Instructor Certification
    Electrical/Power TransmissionsAdvanced Electrical Utility Technician CertificationAdvanced Electrician CertificationAdvanced Texas Electrical Cooperative CertificationElectrical Utility Technician CertificationElectrician CertificationAAS, Electrical Utility SpecializationAAS, Electrician Specialization
    AAS, Texas Electrical Cooperative Specialization
    Culinary ArtsCulinary Arts Advanced Culinary and Baking Skills CertificationCulinary Arts Fundamental Culinary Skills CertificationCulinary Arts Associate, AAS
    Industrial ManufacturingIndustrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies Advanced Certification
    Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies Certification
    Industrial Manufacturing/Emerging Technologies Associate, AAS
    Fire Technology Advanced Firefighter Certification (FESHE) Fire Service Specialization
    Advanced Firefighter Certification Emergency Medicine Specialization
    AAS, Fire Service SpecializationAAS, Emergency Medicine Specialization
    Law EnforcementAAS, Corrections SpecializationAAS, Peace Offiver Specialization
    NursingNursing Associate, AASVocational Nursing Certification
    Child DevelopmentChild Development Associate, AASEarly Childhood Administrator's CertificationFamily Advocate CertificationChild Development/Early Childhood Certification
    Emergency Medical ServicesEmergency Medical Services Associate, AASAdvanced Emergency Medical Technician CertificationEmergency Medical Technician Paramedic Certification
  • LISD - Byron Martin ATC

    For more information on the programs below, click here.

    Agricultural, Food & Natural ResourcesTexas State Floral Certification- Level 1Texas State Floral Certification- Level 2
    Architecture and ConstructionArchitectural Design I- Auto CAD User CertificationArchitectural Auto CAD User CeritifcationArchitectural Design IIAuto Desk CertificationConstruction Technology IIOSHA Construction Safety Certification
    Arts, A/V Production & CommunicationsDigital Video Creation I- Adobe Premier Certification Animation II- Adobe Animate CertificationGraphic Design & Illustration II- Adobe Photoshop CertificationAdvanced 3D Graphic Modeling & Animation- Autodesk Maya Certification
    Business Management and AdministrationBusiness Information Management I- Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Business Information Management II- Microsoft Office Specialist CertificationAccounting II- Quickbookd Certification
    Health Science
    Hospitality and TourismIntroduction to Culinary Arts- ServSafe Food Handlers Certification Advanced Culinary Arts- ServSafe Manager Certification
    Human ServicesCosmetology II- Cosmetology License
    Information TechnologyComputer Maintenance- CompTIA A+ Certification Computer Networking- Testout Network Pro & CompTIA A+ CertificationsComputer Technician- CompTIA A+Netowrk, Testout PC Pro, & TestoutNetwork Pro Certification
    ManufacturingWelding I- American Welding Society D1.1 Certification & D9.1 Certification Welding II- AWS D1.1 Certification & D9.1 Certification
    Science, Technology, Engineering & MathematicsEngineering Design & Presentation II- Autodesk Certification Auto Desk Certification
    Transportation, Distribution and LogisticsPaint and Refinishing & Advanced Transportation- Paint & Refinishing Student Certification Automotive Technology II- ASE Student CertificationInternship & Extended Internship in Transportation Systems- ASE Automotive Collision and Automotive Technology Certifications
  • Frenship

    For more information on the programs below, click here.

    AccountingAccounting II- QuickBooks Certified User
    AnimationAdobe Certified Associate
    Automotive TechnologyAutomotive Service Excellence Certification
    Business Information ManagementBIM I- Microsoft Office Specialist (core)BIM II- Microsoft Office Specialist (expert)
    Construction TechnologyNCCER Carpentry I
    Culinary ArtsServSafe certifications (pending)
    Computer MaintenanceCompTIA A+ certifications (pending)
    Digital MediaCertified Associate in Visual Communication with Photoshop
    Floral DesignLevel 1- Floral Design certification
    Health Science TheoryCertified Nursing Assistant (CAN)
    Health Science PracticumPharmacy Technician
    Principles of Applied EngineeringCareer Safe OSHA
    Wildlife ManagementHunter's Safety License
  • Cooper

    For more information on the programs below, click here.

    Automotive Service Excellence Certifications Earned in classes offered through SPC AutoTech
    Digital & Interactive MediaAdobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication with Photoshop
    Microsoft Office SpecialistsCertifications in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access
    Intuit QuickBooks Certified UserCertification in intuit QuickBooks in Accounting II
    CareerSafe OSHA Certification10 hour Indistry Certification- Construction, Agriculture, General, and Healthcare
    American Welding Society Sense Certification
    AWS SENSE program is a compreensive set of minimum standards for welding education programs
    ServSafeFood safety certifications for handlers and managers
    Texas Cosmetology License
  • Roosevelt

    For more information on the programs below, click here.

    Business, Marketing and Finance
    Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Microsoft Office Specialist Word CertificationMicrosoft Office Expert Excel CertificationMicrosoft Office Expert Word Certification
    Hospitality and TourismServSafe Food Handler Certification ServSafe Manager Certification
    ManufacturingAWS D1.1 Structural Steel CertificationAWS D9.1 Sheet Metal Welding CertificationAWS SENSE Welding Level 1 Certification

Labor Force Estimates

  • Lubbock MSA Labor Force Estimates
    YearTotal Civilian Labor ForceLabor Force Percent GrowthEmploymentUnemployedUnemployment Rate
  • Educational Attainment 2017 Estimate
     USATexasLubbock MSALubbock CountyLubbock City
    Source: Environics Analytics, 9.24.18
    Population, 2018 Estimate326,533,07028,531,603320,692308,884256,417
    High School or Less, No Diploma13.0%17.7%15.4%14.8%14.7%
    High School Diploma or GED27.6%25.3%27.7%27.7%26.9%
    Some College20.9%22.1%24.4%24.4%24.8%
    Associate's Degree8.2%6.8%6.5%6.5%6.5%
    Bacherlor's Degree18.8%18.5%16.2%16.4%16.6%
    Advanced Degree11.5%9.6%9.8%10.2%10.5%
  • Labor Force Participation Rates

    Source:US Census, American Fact Finder, 2015 American Community Survey, 5YR

  • Data & Sources

    Occupation Data
    Emsi occupation employment data are based on final Emsi industry data and final Emsi staffing patterns. Wage estimates are based on Occupational Employment Statistics (QCEW and Non-QCEW Employees classes of worker) and the American Community Survey (Self-Employed and Extended Proprietors). Occupational wage estimates also affected by county-level Emsi earnings by industry.

    State Data Sources
    This report uses state data from the following agencies: Texas Workforce Commission

Wages and Benefits

Local Wages

The Lubbock median hourly rate for all occupations is 19 percent below the Texas median hourly rate of $15.55 and 24.6 percent below the national median hourly rate of $16.71.

In most occupational categories, the median wage in the Lubbock MSA falls well below the national wage range. For higher skilled jobs in medicine, law, engineering, etc., the national wage spectrum is wide, so a low local median in these categories is more significant than for lesser skilled occupational groups where the national wage ranges are much narrower.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated insurance system that provides covered employees with income and medical benefits if they are injured on the job or have a work-related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation insurance coverage limits an employer’s liability if an employee brings suit against the employer for damages. In Texas, private employers can choose whether or not to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Click here to find out more about workers’ compensation.

Workforce Programs - CWP

Community Workforce Partnership (CWP) – In 2000, LEDA helped form the CWP. The purpose of CWP is to carry out a cooperative program that meets the training, education and information needs of local and regional businesses, industries and the local and regional labor market. In 2004, the CWP received the Workforce Best Practices Award from the Texas Economic Development Council. Some of the advances that LEDA and the CWPhave helped foster are listed below:

  • South Plains Center for Productivity and Innovation (SPCPI)

    Thanks to the Wagner-Peyser 7(b) grant, local businesses and their employees can benefit from specialized education and training programs offered at the newly opened South Plains Center for Productivity and Innovation. SPCPI is an initiative of the CWP, a 501©(3), made up of a group of local organizations dedicated to meeting the workforce needs of local businesses and industries. The new facility, located at 1622 Mac Davis Lane, will provide training and education in a variety of specialized areas, including Operations and Service Measurements, Continuous Improvement, Service Business Flow and Simulations, Sales Team Strategy and Structure and more.

  • Nursing Grant Program

    Many members of CWP played a role in obtaining the nursing grant, which was awarded to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. This grant has been renewed over the years and provides vital funding for instruction, professors and clinical work. The additional funding has helped increase the number of nursing graduates for this region.

  • South Plains Economic Development Task Force (SPEDTF)

    In 2002, the SPEDTF began looking for ways to leverage the many resources of the Lubbock Independent School District (L.I.S.D.) to be available to all students of the South Plains region. The efforts of the CWP helped form the Career and Technology Consortium of West Texas. This organization was responsible for starting the Automotive Technician Pilot Project to help facilitate curriculum at the secondary level as well as build a feeder program for post-secondary education for auto technicians. This pilot project became the model program for building other industry-led certifications, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and in this case, a doctorial program at Texas Tech University for Mechanical Engineering.

    Other career pathway programs which used this pilot program as a blueprint are listed below:

    • West Texas Manufacturing Association
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Allied Heath Programs
    • Cotton Gin Technicians
    • Wind Turbine Technicians
    • Computer Programming Project
  • Skills Development Fund Grants

    The CWP assisted South Plains College, The Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center and Workforce Solutions in writing grants, which provided funding to train and enhance the skills of incumbent and new employees for local businesses.

  • Job Fairs

    Through a relationship with the CWP and Workforce Solutions of the South Plains, LEDA continues to help engage the community by promoting a variety of job fairs that are held throughout the year.

  • Workforce Solutions of the South Plains


    The CWP works closely with this organization to explore grant opportunities for local businesses. Workforce Solutions also hosts a variety of job fairs, assists companies with employee recruitment and job training programs.

  • Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center

    The CWP functions as an advisory board member with a focus of increasing student participation in career and technical courses.

  • South Plains College Workforce Development Division

    The CWP assisted with building customized training programs with local businesses.

    Learn More

  • Texas Tech University Career Center

    Through its partnership with CWP, many programs have been developed to connect graduates with local businesses in order to maximize employment opportunities.

Additional Workforce Programs

  • SB1620

    LEDA and its partners began testifying before legislative committees in an effort to raise awareness of business’ needs being met through our educational process. During the 82nd Legislative Session, LEDA and its partners were instrumental in crafting legislation, SB1620, to address issues regarding building seamless career pathway programs using national industry standards. The bill passed unanimously by the House and Senate. This enables LEDA to build education programs for growing businesses with the skill sets that are required for this particular industry. This structure has been a model for many other communities and today, almost every EDC has incorporated a workforce development arm

  • Higher Education Committee

    This is a partnership with area colleges and universities as well as Workforce Solutions to discuss higher education initiatives.

  • Regional Advanced Technology Center

    Currently in the planning stages, this center would increase access to technology, learning, resources and services to increase the efficiency of school and district operations and to enhance communications and sharing among the business and education community.