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Sip and Shop at Caffeination Station

Nov 30, 2023 / Kenna Dowdle

Sip and Shop at Caffeination station Sip and Shop at Caffeination Station In 2020, after having their college experiences turned upside down, Meredith Ratke and Kenlea Barnes, childhood best friends from Farwell TX, turned their longtime interest in local coffee shops into their livelihood and opened a coffee trailer, Caffeination Station, hopping on the trend of food trucks and novelty coffee shops amid a changing world. Today, while Kenlea has taken a step back to complete her education, Meredith has taken the Lubbock coffee scene by storm. More

Brewed Awakening Coffee Lounge

Nov 13, 2023 / Jillian Guinn

Brewed Awakening Coffee Lounge Opened in September 2023, Brewed Awakening Coffee Lounge has quickly become a local favorite. What started with the intention of fostering conversations over specialty drinks quickly became a creative upscale lounge, unlike any other in the Hub City.  This unique coffee lounge features fresh pressed juice, chef-prepared cuisine and a variety of drinks and lattes.  As the atmosphere is a priority, the shop offers an aesthetically pleasing vibe with the thoughtful inclusion of hand-crafted, hand-painted ceramic tile imported from Turkey displayed on their bar. More