At 318,679 people (Metropolitan Statistical Area), Lubbock is the 11th largest city in Texas, the 2nd largest west of Interstate 35 and is projected to grow 7 percent through 2022. With a median age of 31, the city’s residents are youthful and hardworking. Featuring a regional population base of more than 645,647 people, Lubbock’s size affords businesses access to dedicated community leaders and personalized service, while providing you with a pipeline of personnel to fill your workforce needs.

Growth Estimates

 Lubbock, TX (City)Lubbock County, TXLubbock, TX MetroTexasUSA
2000 Census200,629242,631256,25320,851,839281,421,942
2010 Census229,573278,831290,80525,145,561308,745,538
2020 Estimate258,788312,832324,55329,321,473330,342,293
2025 Projection274,058331,839343,74031,265,392341,132,738
Population Growth
Percent Change: 2000 to 201014.4314.9213.4820.599.71
Percent Change: 2010 to 202012.7312.1911.6116.617.00
Percent Change: 2020 to 20255.906.085.916.633.27
Environics Analytics, 5.27.20 | Benchmark: USA

Race By Location

 Lubbock CityLubbock CountyLubbock MSATexasUSA
Hispanic/Latino (any race)37.88%37.41%37.99%40.68%19.03%
Source: Environics Analytics, 9.24.18

Average Age by City Comparison

Lubbock’s age structure differs substantially from the national and state patterns. This is mainly attributed to our large college-age population found at Texas Tech University. Over one-fourth of the City of Lubbock’s population (26%) falls between the ages of 21 and 34, compared to 19% for the U.S. and 20% in Texas overall. 

 Lubbock, TX (city)Lubbock County, TXLubbock, TX MetroTexasUSA
Median Age30.4931.3131.5035.2238.65
Environics Analytics, 5.27.20 | Benchmark: USA