At 318,679 people (Metropolitan Statistical Area), Lubbock is the 11th largest city in Texas, the 2nd largest west of Interstate 35 and is projected to grow 7 percent through 2022. With a median age of 31, the city’s residents are youthful but hardworking. Featuring a regional population base of more than 645,647 people, Lubbock’s size affords businesses access to dedicated community leaders and personalized service, while providing you with a pipeline of personnel to fill workforce needs.

Growth Estimates

Source: Nielsen 2017 Estimates


Race By Location

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Average Age by City Comparison

Lubbock’s age structure differs substantially from the national and state patterns, and Texas Tech University is the main reason why. One-fourth of the City of Lubbock’s population (26 percent) falls between the ages of 21 and 34 compared to just 19 percent for the U.S. and 20 percent in Texas overall.

Youth (0 - 20)27%30%31%31%
Young Adults (21 - 34)19%20%24%26%
Experienced Working Age (35 - 64)39%37%33%31%
Seniors (65+)15%13%12%12%