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True West is a story about struggle in modern America. A longing for Family, Brotherhood and identity that’s told through the perspective of two brothers. It shines a light on the American dream and how it doesn’t always turn out as one would hope for. Revealing how the long term effects of trying to make it take its toll on all of us. Family isn’t what we decide and the burdens of our predecessors are placed on us unwillingly. True West is a story about the Old West that’s filled with gunslingers, outlaws, nomads and coyotes. Versus the New West that’s filled with smog, traffic, business suits and crickets. This play is meant to hold a mirror and ask what is really important in our lives.

“The West is a mythical landscape, a place where dreams and nightmares collide”

 Sam Shepard


Aug 23, 2024 to Aug 24, 2024
7:00 pm
The Buddy Holly Hall- Crickets Theater
1300 Mac Davis Lane
Lubbock TX, 79401
(806) 792-8339
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