Texas Tech Research Park

Texas Tech is creating a major center for innovation and entrepreneurialism with the opening of the first building of Texas Tech's Research Park.

The 40,000-square-foot facility is designed to become a resource for the faculty and students of both Texas Tech University and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center as well as community members interested in launching new ventures.

As Texas Tech becomes a major national research university, the Texas Tech Research Park is a critical step in building the knowledge-based economy of West Texas.

Students are the future of our innovation-based mission. To aid them in developing their entrepreneurial ideas a new student organization, Texas Tech Innovation, Mentorship and Entrepreneurialism (TTIME), has been created and will be housed in the research park. Public-private partnerships will be able to lease space to develop companies within the facility.

The initial building in the research park will open in summer 2015. Space in the building is available on a lease basis.

In February 2015, Texas Tech announced the park's first tenant. Chromatin is an agbiotech headquartered in Chicago and dedicated to uncovering solutions to some of the biggest global agriculture issues today. Through its research into developing sorghum hybrids, Chromatin targets its research in areas such as water scarcity, increasing global demand for food and the limits on fertile land. Chromatin is moving its research and development team from Champaign, Illinois to Lubbock, creating approximately 12 jobs. They also have seed operations in Lubbock and New Deal, Texas.