Where Business Builds

A thousand acres of land surround the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (LIA) which await development. Optimal for manufacturing or distribution, this land sits just north of the city and provides immediate access to air, rail and highway transportation systems. The area is a master-planned business and industrial development that provides exceptional transportation infrastructure in an environment designed to allow business to flourish.

Located in the middle of everywhere, as we say, the “Hub City” is positioned in the center of the North American Free Trade Market. It is also well suited for regional and local distribution operations. LIA is only five miles north of Lubbock’s Central Business District and is less than a 20-minute drive to any point in the Lubbock metropolitan area.


Lubbock is served by Interstate 27 and four US Highways and is well-positioned to support over-the-road trucking operations.


The Lubbock International Airport offers high-frequency commercial passenger service on Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines. Each day, more than 80 arrivals and departures serve the region.

The Air Traffic Control Tower operates 24 hours, seven days a week to accommodate air traffic on three runways (17R-35L, 17L-35R and 8-26).

North to south: 150 x 11,500 feet
East to west: 150 x 8,001 feet


Businesses have immediate access to the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad system.

Foreign Trade Zone Services:

LIA offers all the advantages of a Foreign Trade Zone including: deferral of US Customs duties, elimination of drawbacks on re-exports, inverted tariff savings, quota management and more.